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i dunno....

but i guess its all opinion. i see ALOT of DS's reutrned to ebagmes and gamespot.

but anyway! this game does look really fun! especially that new growing ability that lets you reck everything.

I wait.. I was just playing this the other day.. it was a lot of fun! with the huge mushroom power up and just wrecking everything in your path! :wiggle:

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To me it comes down on the Mario & the Zelda games. And Mario is even alil doper to me, caus its juts wonderfull to do. On the other hand some of the Zelda games have storys that are just great. They could be movies. Anyway, they are both the best games of thery genres.

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I would have to go with Mario! Every one of the games are just amazing! Even back in the day ones on the NES where you had to complete the whole game in one go! None of this memory card..save you location business! :rofl:

Although Sonic would be second. 15 years old that hedgehog is!

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DK games were great but i preffered the Marios. Super Mario World is the best game ever. That new one looks great though, i must get a DS. Gonna head down gamestation with a load of old PSOne games i never play anymore and get some store credit to help me.

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got a ds lite and within a month felt compelled 2 get brain age , new mario bros,mario kart and big brain academy, all great, i wish mario was high framerate 2d instead of them feeling the need to add 3d.... ahh well, paper mario is coming out 4 the cube, cell shaded 2d.. :)

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I got me a DS lite in the end. With New Super mario Bros. Upto world 6 at the mo, although im outta town at my sissters place and my battery died and i didn't bring my charger. I wanna get, Metroid prime Hunters, Nintendogs, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing sooner rather than later hehe

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