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You can't say this isn't a great game. Its not out til 2mora here in the Uk, but it makes me want to get a Nintendo DS just for it. Bout time they made a proper Super Mario 2D Platformer sequel. SOMEONE BUY ME A DS

Check it out


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im planning on getting a psp. their so cool!

PSP is better than DS except that the PSP has serious fingerprint problems. When I got my PSP, I was taking it out of the box and it already had finger prints on it. :damnyou:

EDIT: Also DS doesn't have to load

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yeah my friend just got one, (thats why i am getting it- so we can play wi fi multiplayer when we go on vacation and on the flight), and hes constantly wiping it down with the little slip cover it comes in. when i play his i try to leave as little prints as i can. ill have to practice that.

i think the ds has really good ideas behind it (mic, touch screen, 2 screens at times) but it is kind of pointless to have them

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I have a PSP and a DS. I like my DS far more than my PSP, though I am a big Nintendo fan, so take it with a grain of salt. However, I'm pretty sure that the DS has FAR outsold the PSP world wide. The coolest thing about the PSP is the movies and the memory card you can load with MP3's. But I don't think the games are all that fun, and they seem more like small versions of console games, requiring massive time commitments. I only play hand helds for short bursts of time, usually while waiting on something or watching tv.

:topic: The New Super Mario Bros, I bought it, love it, my lady stole it. :)

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Oh wow, I really want that - for my money, I'm not sure anything has ever topped the 2-D Mario games. I didn't know this existed.... I suppose there's no version for GameCube tho. :damnyou: (the only platform I own outside of NES and well.... I think we still have an old Atari somewhere lol)

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i dunno....

but i guess its all opinion. i see ALOT of DS's reutrned to ebagmes and gamespot.

but anyway! this game does look really fun! especially that new growing ability that lets you reck everything.

and to tim, they should make a "new donkey kong" and have it like the ones on snes and be with diddy, dixie and that fat baby one. the graphics were more mature then mario though. i dont know if that means anything.

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