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Brand New Funk

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Does anybody know if the video version of Brand New Funk (the one that begins wit: "Let me talk to u!, Let me have a word wit u, if you doing something else i hope im not disturbing you...") ever got relesed as a single or a extended version?

I think it´s much better than the original.

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its on the brand new funk 12"

tnx for the info!

By the way... How many think that the video version is better?

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the video version is a lot better, cause its a capture of a live performance. i think it was the Nassau '88 one. I had that concert sometime in full length and it's incredible!

I´d do allmost anything to get that concert...

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I made a post about that a few years ago. Every album remastered, with b-sides, remixes, and instsrumentals, along with expanded CD inserts loaded with pictures and liner notes. Then back it with a DVD loaded with videos, behind the scenes stuff, interviews (old and new) and maybe live performances.

We can always dream, can't we?

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The intro is on the New Kidz On The Block b-side I believe.

And yeah, the video version is a lot better.

yeah that new kidz on the block song is one of my favourite jjpf track. specially bought the cd version of that "Word" comp just to own it myself... the beat is so simple and yet so sick.. always keeps me noddin! and the fact that it had that vers of the brand new funk live version over that beat made me love it even more. oh and the way they cutted some parts on the live version is just dope: "you shoulda seen people dancin n shakin... " :gettinjiggywitit:

btw props for link. finally have the video on my pc too!

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