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"Hoping For Things To Change", By Me

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I wrote something.. Its been quit emotional to do. I wrote it in english, caus I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys..

I got heavily inspired by Ja Rule`s "Where I`m From", LL`s "Homicide" and Fabulous`s "Breathe". Than I read the verse Lerkot recently posted.. And that gave me the final push do clear my head about this issue. Concidering where I life I would say I know what I`m talking about..

Anyway, I realy would like to have feedback on this one. (Oh, and dont mind the hook, I know that one isnt good, but I just cant do that right.)


An old man, walking down the road

No shyne in his eyes, not orientation as he goes

His mind is somwhere else, he`s not in this world

He should feel cold, but on the inside it burns

Its the drugs that made him be that way

Its not unusual, you can see it everyday

Around the corner, you can see people laying on the street

Walking down the block, searching for another shot

No future to look at, a present thats dark

Look into theyr eyes, you see that theyr human

You`ll see theyr mind is fighting a war, questions come up

What brought them so far, why are they doing this ****

But than again, is it only them to blame?

Missery like this comes out of situations we create

Yes, theyr taking it, but it aint us to judge that they are weak

Maybe its the world we life in to blame

Anyway, its like they dont seem to care

Caus theyr to high to think about wat theyr doing

As the year passes by, they dont change theyr routine

Till one day its enough, theyr bodys cant take it nomore

They next thing you know, you`ll see them laying in the snow

Waiting for someone to come and pick them up

But time passes, no one seems to react

So theyr spirit gives up, theyr body starts to shake

And thats how they end up, doomed for theyr grave..

Dont let it get you down

No, Fight for your life

No matter whats wrong

Dont give up on hope

You will be able to shyne

So, look deep inside yourself

And search for some light

A young girl, full of love for the life

Not knowing whats she`s about to do

Not knowing that her friend arents as good as they seem

Just one time, thats what they say

She wants to be a part, so she goes theyr way

Its not gonna be this one time, for feal

And she aint a special case, no, just one of the girls

Its a big problem, about to get regular

Girls getting into drugs, for no reasons it seems

They can folow a education, they could realise theyr dreams

But all that gets crushed, when they feel the rush

Next thing you know, theyr standing at the corner

Selling theyr bodys, in the search for more money

Its a cirkle, Its hard to get out

Not allot of them make it, they cant shout

For help, caus no one seems to care

So they keep going with the flow, getting deeper and deeper

Caught up in a bussines thats dark, and full of danger

People that try to abuse the girls in theyr ****ed up situtations

Bad men taking at adventage of it

First they seem nice, but next thing you know

Your working for them, prostituting, begging for dope

If you dont coorperate, you`ll end up dead

The girls are weak, they have no power to fight it

They wanna survive, so they just go with the flow

Till theyr limit is passed, and they leave this world

It`s a sad thing to see, damn she was only 13

She was only a girl....

Dont let it get you down

No, Fight for your life

No matter whats wrong

Dont give up on hope

You will be able to shyne

So, look deep inside yourself

And search for some light

Things like these, **** it drives me mad

And the gouvermnet, lets face it

They arent doing **** do change it, they just let is dissaper

Caus its not a good imagine, for the tourists and ****

They dont help in anyway, they just wipe it away

And when someone stands up, they make him shut his mouth

Caus its not safe for them, it could leak out

What they dont see, is that we allready know this ****

We life this ****, we see people going down

People I care about got lost in those cirkles

But the damn politicians just dont seem to face it

No, they dont even show it, so nobody knows

Well, Its to late mother****ers, caus we found our voice

One you can strike down, its they voice called hope

Yes, some people still got hope for it to change

It might seem strange, but I aint giving up

A better world starts in your own country

It starts at your block, in your house for Gods sake

So dont let it get you down, no, fight for your life

And I know it cand be hard, I feel it myself

Sometimes I just wanna call it a day, give up on life

But no, that wont help, thats what I realise

All I can do is take a pen and something to write on

Than take a mic, and spread it through the world

And I know I dont have much power to change it

But **** that ****, caus if you feel what I say

You`ll know you aint alone, we arent ignoring it

We face those facs, and that gives you hope..


Sorry for the quit big amount of curses in the last verse. I just couldnt help it.

Edited by Turntable
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