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whose your favorite group?


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[quote=JumpinJack AJ,Sep 4 2004, 01:13 AM]Jagged Edge is one of my fav groups. Those guys have S.K.I.L.L.Z.!!

SWV waz nice 2, i've hear rumors for months that they have reunited 4 a new album. Let's hope it's true.[/quote]
Yeah, they do. A lot have said they haven't had a good album since JE Heartbreak. When I got 'Hard', I played it all the time. Now I can't really listen 2 it. Funny thing, I brought JE's 1st 2 albums, and listened 2 em one good time. Not even. I made my own Best of Jagged Edge mix in a day. Gotz all da hits and singles, and a couple unreleased. I still gotta make my own fav.

Yeah, I heard the news of SWV wit a new album. But they said late 2004. So hopefully by December. Cuz after that, it'z 2005. But what a great Christmas present.
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[quote=trexican,Sep 11 2004, 02:12 AM]freestyle fellowship i would have to say they have produced such amazing stuff individually and as a collective. but i love alot more then that-trex[/quote]
man..im a huge freestyle fellowship fan!!! aceyalone is one of my fav rappers.. i got everythin :bowdown: :bowdown: new haiku detat album comin out this year!
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[quote=trexican,Sep 15 2004, 01:56 AM]yeah me too my two favorite hip hop albums are book of human and all balls-trex[/quote]
definitely.. i got my book of human language signed by aceyalone... the all balls revisited cd is great.. love the bonus disc..dope traxs like the nobodys..headaches and woes remix etc... :thumb:
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