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will performing in leicester square

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GET ready for some Big Willie Style as sexy rapper turned actor Will Smith whips up a frenzy for next Wednesday's Leicester Square premiere of his new flick I, Robot.

Our source says the 35-year-old former Fresh Prince will return to his rapping roots on the red carpet.

The insider confided: "Will's determined that the London premiere is the best of the summer and the fans who turn up for Will's show are in for a real treat.

"It's all being kept under wraps at the moment, but he really wants to perform a couple of his hits for his fans outside the cinema."

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I am gonna make it there even if it kills me, it's our chance to see will perform live
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I am so p*****d off I have to work, I've been waiting for this kind of opportunity for years now, gud luck in trying to get there everyone and please record some good stuff :)

I assume with the new album coming out soon, Will will be performing again in London/UK sometime next year?
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