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it seems a bit weird for Will to say, ive heard that aids was created as a disease for black people and gay people. Ihave no evidence for this, its just something ive heard. But as Will says it is "highly possible" that they could create aids but i doubt they would.

i feel a controversial topic coming about now. :ohdear:

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A - The government does some very nasty stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if AIDS is a government created disease.

B - Larry Elders must live in some strange fantisy land if he thinks the straight-up racists are gone. There are plenty of neighborhoods where any non-white folks would be frowned upon (to put it nicely) by at least some of the neighbors.

C - There are plenty of other reasons why many celebrities are "leftists". Liberals tend to have more empathy, a trait I would imagine helps an actor. Major celebrities tend to be pretty well traveled. Broad exposure to different cultures can lead to someone becoming more liberal. Major celebrities have a TON of money that they earned from performing a craft they love. They tend to see themselves as fortunate and want to help those less fortunate, a very liberal way to look at things. Celebrities frequently went through periods of their life of being very broke. The have a pretty good idea of what the otherside of life is like, which can lead to a liberal out look. And finally, celebrities aren't evil. ;)

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I've heard plenty of ppl say that before, and its no real big deal for Will to repeat something he's heard. With the way things happen when it comes to 'government' sometymes, its difficult to say one way or another if its true. If it is, all I can say is thats just ashame...



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