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LL Cool J Slams Jay-Z for Age Comment


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LL Cool J Slams Jay-Z For Age Comment

Apr 15, 2006 - World Entertainment News Network

Hip-hop star LL Cool J has hit back at Jay-Z for his comment that fans have no interest in hearing middle-aged rappers.

The rapper believes that there is no age-limit when it comes to making good music.

The 38-year-old has been making music for over 20 years and has just released an album featuring Jamie Foxx and Mary J Blige.

He explains, "Thank God I'm not 45, so I don't have to answer that question."

"Hopefully I'll be able to do music for a few more years and have some fun."

"I don't think there's an age limit. The dreams don't have deadlines."

"Just because you're younger than me doesn't mean you're cooler than me."

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I doubt there's any beef with LL and Jay-Z, LL thanks Jay-Z for advice in the credits of "Todd Smith", who knows though maybe he looked at MTV's top 10 all time mcs and is mad that Jay-Z is ranked higher than him, lol, but I think it's probably just the media trying to hype up his sales for his album 'cause LL said that he ain't trying to battle anybody he's just trying to have fun right now and let other mcs do their thing too, I think his new album ain't his best work ever but it's still better than 90% of what rappers half his age do, he could still serve it to any of these young cats now if they call him out and they know that too, I definately think that the ol' school mcs are the best ones in the game that's why these kiddies won't call out LL, lol, Bow Wow's quickly apologises 'cause he knows that Will could finish his career too, lol, the new rappers coming out just ain't as talented as them and I said that yesterday too, that's why we won't be seeing 50 Cent calling out Ice Cube either, lol...

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Yeah, LL respects Jay-Z and reverse. Ther aint no beef. I still didnt hear the album, it aint in stores over here for about another 10 days. And I cant get it than caus I`m on school camp..Very frustrating, caus I wanted to take it with me to camp. You never know how those smooth love songs could help with some situtations..lol

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This was probably taken from another interview and probably said that he was dissin' Jay-Z, that's a rap battle I'm sure everyone'd wanna see though, if LL beat Jigga it'd show people how overrated Jay is and they won't sleep on calling LL the G.O.A.T., LL's the real president of Def Jam, he released the label's first album and is still there today, Jay knows that too that's why he won't even respond to this, lol, btw Chuck D was critcising Jay's comments of how their shouldn't be rappers past 40 years old in one of his terrordomes a couple years ago, that's how far back Jay said this, Chuck reffered to Jay's song "What More Could I Say" by saying there's a lot you could say as an artist no matter how old you get, he got respect for Jay though himself but he was just saying that was an ignorant comment and it's true, look at Stevie Wonder still going, he don't make music as great as he used to but he's still putting out quality music so why can't a rapper be his age and do the same thing? All the ol' school rappers might not appeal to a young audience and go multiplatinum but that don't mean that they should stop doing what they love for their real fans, Jay is out of line with that comment no question, just 'cause he don't wanna rap past 40 doesn't mean everyone should be like that, and anyone that say LL's new album is garbage is probably 12 years old and puts Bow Wow and TI in their top 10 mc lists of all time so they have no credability, lol, it's hard for LL to appeal to 3 million kids 'cause he don't make songs about hustlin' and he ain't dissin' half the industry, but he don't care about that, he's sticking to what he does best, and he still outsells most of these young mcs in the process, I'm sure "Todd Smith" will put up better numbers than Bow Wow and Juelz Santana, and if he was at the Nickelodeon awards the kids'd probably cheer for him as much as they did for Will so I guess some kids got love for the ol' school rappers...

btw, I found LL cover this issue before when he was interviewed by Vibe in 2004 when he released "The Definition":


"Jay-Z did it and Too Short does it all the time, do you plan on retiring?

No, because this is art. This ain't sports.

Will you still rap at 50?

I don’t know. Can you be Steven Tyler? Would anyone have thought that thirty years ago. Would anybody have thought Mick Jagger could be who he is today? I don't know when the artistry leaves off. We found out how much of it is manufactured pop-ism and how much of it is artistry. I guess if you’re a true artist then you can be 50. But if you're manufactured it's based on your physicality. When you're Paul Simon and Elton John the answer is yes. But this is hip hop, the music is only 25 years old, so we don’t know.

I know one thing for sure there will be 50 and 60-year-old rap fans. You ain't going to stop liking it when you 60."

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Well if you're into more hardcore rap then this album ain't for you but if you like hearing smooth rap jams that you could chill to then it's worth it no doubt, those tracks with Mary J. and Ryan Toby are fire!!!

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Is it better or worse than The Definition? I liked the the style of that album!

It's definately better than "The Definition", it's a lil' more versatile I'd say... btw, you need to log in man, btw let me rate the tracks here for you so you could get a better idea about it:

1-"It's LL and Santana" feat. Juelz Santana, Juelz and LL both rip this track, the chemistry between them could've been a lil' better though: 8.5/10

2-"Control Myself" feat. J-Lo, well everyone heard this on the radio and saw the video, basically the same thing here, J-Lo doesn't really do much on this track but LL's spittin' with the ol' school "Going Back To Cali" flow though which makes the song interesting: 8/10

3-"Favorite Flavor" feat. Mary J. Blidge, now that's what I'm talking about, the chemistry between LL and Mary J. is exceptional here, dope smooth jam: 10/10

4-"Freeze" feat. Lyfe Jennings, this is supposed to be the next single, when I first heard the track I had mixed feelings about it, but this track hits hard, deep message about how LL would freeze time until he could become a better man for his girl, Lyfe's vocals are very soulful: 9/10

5-"Best Dress" feat. Jamie Foxx, this is a "Keep Ya Head Up" type track where LL gives encouragement to girls going through tough times: 9/10

6-"Preserve The Sexy" feat. Teaiarra Mari, this is an aight club joint, didn't really stand out to me, sounded like a cheap imitation of "Doin' It": 6/10

7-"What You Want" feat. Freeway, LL and Freeway spittin' battle rhymes back and forth, reminds me of "Roc The Mic", dope hip-hop jam for all the hardcore rap heads who like raw lyricism: 10/10

8-"I've Changed" feat. Ryan Toby, it's a story about how LL begs for his girl to take him back, Ryan Toby does an excellent job on this track too, another soulful track: 10/10

9-"Ooh Wee" feat. Ginuwine, a slow jam for you to relax with your boo wit, LL spits the game and Ginuwine backs him on the hook: 9/10

10-#1 Fan, a story about how LL meets a latin lady in San Diego that's been in love with him since the '80s, sorta Loretta ish, except it was more of a uptempo vibe, not my favorite but it's aight: 8/10

11-"Down The Aisle" feat. 112, it sorta reminds me of Jagged Edge's "Let's Get Married" that featured Rev. Run, it's a deep song about love and commitment and the uniting of husband and wife, one of my favorites: 10/10

12-"We're Gonna Make It" feat. Mary Mary, it's a deep song about life like Will's "Tell Me Why", probably the best track in my opinion: 10+/10

13-"So Sick Remix" with Ne-Yo, you probably heard this on the radio, I actually like the original a lil' better but LL spittin' a couple dope verses on it was an added bonus worth listening to mos' definately: 8.5/10

Overall: 9/10, a versatile smooth album sorta like "Mr. Smith" but basically at the same level as "Phenomenon", btw let me rate his whole catalog while I'm at it, 11 albums deep, he might say 12 but one of 'em was "All World" his greatest hits which'd be 10/10 of course since that's all of his best work, if anybody hears all of them they could make a serious case that he's the G.O.A.T. mc or top 5 at the very least, one of the most consistant ever:

1-"Radio"-10/10(classic) imagine a 17 year old rapping on this level now? I don't think so, lol, this is timeless

2-"Bigger and Deffer" 10/10(classic) a hell of a followup album

3-"Walking With A Panther" 9/10, consider a dissapointment to some 'cause it's a lil' more commercial but it's still solid

4-"Mama Said Knock You Out" 10/10(classic, best album of career, probably top 10 albums ever in rap history)LL crushed his peers with this album, 50 Cent needs to take lessons here if he really wants to end careers like he said he does, lol, won a Grammy and went double platinum

5-"14 Shots To The Dome" 9/10, basically like "Walking With A Panther", some rap fans hated on it but it was solid

6-"Mr. Smith" 10/10 (classic), this silenced doubts of rap fans that were dissapointed by "14 Shots To The Dome", won a Grammy and went double platinum

7-"Phenomenon" 8.5/10, smooth album like "Todd Smith", not quite as strong as a whole though, a lil' more filler

8-"G.O.A.T. Featuring James T. Smith, The Greatest Of All Time" 10/10(classic), Canibus' career never had a chance to blow up after this dropped, lol, believe it or not this is LL's only album to debut at #1(fingers crossed that "Todd Smith" might be #1 this week)

9-"10", 7/10 the milestone mark of LL's career, his most inconsistant album to date however but Bow Wow still hasn't made an album on this level yet, lol

10-"The Definition", 8/10, basically it's a club album, barely a lil' better than "10"

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Jay-Z annoyes the crap outta me. 2 this day, i can't respect or grasp the fact that he's heading Def Jam. When u think Def Jam, u think of the legends like LL Cool J and Public Enemy. Jay-Z has only done like 15 good songs since his 1st album. How is this overrated commercial rapper gonna knock people like Chuck D, LL, and FP just cuz they are getting up in their years. They are still in the limelight and doing their thing on different levels. They paved the way so Jay-Z's lazy, uncreative butt could do what he's doing right now. LL needs 2 rip him ina diss track...but that'll never happen since he's staying away from battling and since Jay-Z is running things at Def Jam. What a joke.

About the album, i think it's better than The DEFinition. The production is slightly better and had a retro feel. He still brings up upbeat stuff 4 the clubs, but he's much mellower on this album. The DEFinition had way 2 many beats that were just tossed 2gether. These beats aren't as thick as i'd like, but they are still good, none the less. There is a lil' more 2 them than what The DEFinition had. It's far better than any other Hip-Hop or Rap albums coming out at the moment...and when u released an album just a year and a half ago, it dosen't always have 2 be up 2 parr. That's how Nelly and Jay-Z have built their careers. If u release an album nearly ever year, it dosen't have 2 be that strong cuz u live strictly off the hype.

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