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Will & Jeff @ I Robot Party

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heres a few pics i took at the after party :werd:






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Perhapes I will also fly to the I,robot premiere (here in Germay), so tim, I must following thingz know:

Do u think it worse 180$? (daz what da flyticket costs)... how long is da performance? Is there a aftershow party where everybody can take part... on which time did the performance begin? was it before or after the movie premiere?

Please help me, tim! I don't know if I should risk to fly there without knowing dat I will c a JJFP show, how I imagine!

Thanx n peace!

Fresh Stecki
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i wouldnt risk it stecki..not sure jeffs gonna be there.. the performance wouldnt be 2 long and its b4 the premiere..and u gotta have a pass 2 get in2 the after party..depends how bad u wanna see will perform right...
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