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Dear Will Fans,

I'm working on a special project for Will Smith fans and need your feedback.

If you were given the opportunity to meet WILL and ask him a question:

"What is the single most important question you would ask Will about his life, marriage, fatherhood, family, music, movies...etc"?

Click the following link to ask your question:


Thanks for your participation.

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Wat is dis all about?? our questions will be cheked by Will Smith or wat??? :hmm:


If there's enough response, they just might.

By the way, good question!

please stick to posting the same topic only ONCE, there's no need to post it in every section of the forum that just spams up the board

My apologies Miss Ashley.

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this type of topics are so unneccessary and senseless...

In most cases, DefCEM, you're right. But this is an entirely different case all together, that is necessary makes alot of sense and could possibly lead to something bigger than your doubts.

So, if you would, please take the opportunity to submit your question. I'd like that a lot.

Best regards,

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i cant really answer, bcoz i did meet him and i couldnt talk lol. I really cant decide what i would want to say even if i stayed calm.

OK, let's play a little game to help you get through your anxiety.

Let's just pretend, I'm WILL and we're communicating by e-mail (for argument sake)...

What question would you ask me about my life, career, old, new or future releases, celebrity marriage or fatherhood, the studio world, etc... or whatever.

Now stay with me, because you know we're just pretending...

NOW, let me ask you: "What is the single most important question you would ask me, just assuming I'm WILL writing you at this time?

Your question just might lead to an real opportunity.

Many thanks,

Wat is dis all about?? our questions will be cheked by Will Smith or wat??? :hmm:



I need your question????

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well i just said even if i was calm i couldnt pick any 1 question. Id have a whole conversation.

Perhaps, your 1 question could lead to an entire conversation.

The point is that, it won't lead to anything if WILL's fans don't complete the survey.

Sleep on it, I hope you can come up with something.


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I think the primary question I'd have for Willard would be one concerning the pull he feels between cinema and the more personal medium of music. He's made quite a name for himself as a recording artist, however I'd venture to state that cinema, or what a few plebeians simply refer to as "acting," has been exceedingly good to Willard as well... perhaps even better than music: financially speaking, of course. In the past, Willard has described himself as the consummate and quintessential entertainer, however, it would be interesting to ascertain whether he feels a passion for one devotion more so than another, or whether he regards both equally.

I believe that such a question would generate a great deal of discussion and could truly lead to a myriad of other topics. I would be eager to receive a response to such a question and I believe that his response, or answer if you will, would lend his fans a deeper understaning of the type of person he is and how he regards himself in today's "media culture."

Thank you kindly,


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