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DJ Jazzy Jeff in Manchester 4th March 2006

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Guys, this video is awesome... I can't get enough of it... All video and audio is 1 hour 37 long...the whole of Jeff's set... from 52 minutes onwards I'm standing on stage about 2 feet away from Jeff, this was one hell of a show... :jazzy:

Best Quality Video (163mb wmv)

Yousendit - http://s39.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0173FSO...E43BDTI07STU0M1

Megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QJYYZ9H1

Lower Quality Video (90mb wmv)

Rapidshare - http://rapidshare.de/files/14793378/DJ_Jaz...onny_5.wmv.html

SpeedyShare - http://www.speedyshare.com/670751532.html

Audio (89mb, 128kbps mp3)

Yousendit - http://s23.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2C666KW...SE15Z4VYQGINCEB

Megaupload - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7XSPL5YP

Rapidshare - http://rapidshare.de/files/14795846/DJ_Jaz...onny_5.mp3.html

SpeedyShare - http://www.speedyshare.com/685783501.html

Jeff's Show!

Got over to the side of this area where Jeff would be workin his magic, and Darnell is setting up all of Jeff's equipment, yes - I can see the legendary Mac laptop! I thought it best not to bother him just yet. Skillz is hyping the crowd up (what an MC he is btw!) whilst Jeff is just putting the finishing touches to his playlist on Serato Scratch), anyway, Skillz basically tells the in house DJ to shut the F**k up, and Jeff begins!

Just classic Jazzy Jeff stuff, crowd goin' wild, Skillz doin his thing (you'll see it all on the video), oh by the way did I mention I videoed the WHOLE of Jeff's set in one video - no interuptions!!!!!!!!!

So I stand round this side bit for about 20 mins, then move to the front for a while, then I noticed Darnell is sitting nead the edge on the other side, so I went round... caught his attention and called him over to the barrier and said "Hey man, I'm Jonny, you know Tim in Australia right!?" he just grabbed my hand, told the bouncer to let me in, so I'm in this courdened off bit with just Me, Jeff, Skillz and Darnell!!!!!

Darnell was like "go stand over there and film" so I brushed past Jeff and was standing about 12 inches from his mac and about a yard away from Jeff, which is exactly where I stayed until the very end of the show! Filming Jeff's every move on the wheels of steel, dude is truely a genius!

Anyway, Jeff's set finishes about 4.20 am, and straightway Darnell is like "Jeff, this is Jonny", so I'm shakin hands with Jeff on stage infront of like hundreds of people, it was totally nuts. So Jeff puts this huuuuge coat on and a hat whilst Darnell is packin the equipment away, then I got Darnell to take a pic of Me and Jeff on the disposable, that is gonna be DOPE when I get it processed!

I shook hands with Jeff again, told him how much I loved his work and that "Tim sent me down tonight", and he was like "yeah, Tim's my man!", said laters to Darnell and thanked him again... walked out the club to meet the others. Everyone was like so jealous it was freakin' awesome, but eitherway, I reckon at least 99% of people left Sankey's haveing just listened to the best DJ set they have ever heard, and everyone was saying that aswell - they had never seen anything like it. To be fair, it was the best set of Jeff's I've ever heard - it was simply flawless... anyways, said goodbyes tot the great new people I'd met and they said next time (since they now knew I wasn't psychotic) they'd defo hook me up with a bed for the night... so I headed back to the station in awe, every step I took I was saying in my head "Oh - My - F**cking God", and I actually had a tear in my eye at one point... this had to be the best night of my life - ever.

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Wow. That is AMAZING. You must have been in aww struck to meat the legend in person, and film him doing his thing up close. I am very glad that a true fan of JJFP could be honored like that. Thanks for the video and audio dude!! It will take nearly an hour for both to download, but its all good. Can't wait to check em out!

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it was very cool i wish i were there but anyway..a lil bit more of light could mak it better, i only see 2 red shapes movin :lolsign: thanks Jonny

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Cheers Jonny, Can't really download things at the mo cos im on a uni computer and don't have much space on my USB Pen but i'll make some room and download tommorow.


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