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Your all-time favorite JJFP song


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What's your one all-time favorite JJFP song? The one song that you love the most... For me, it has to be I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me). The beat is perfect and very laid back, the lyrics are flawless, and I can listen to it at any time, no matter what mood I'm in. It always makes me feel good after a rough day. That song never grows old for me, I absolutely love it!! :bowdown: :2thumbs:

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I honestly gotta agree with you timmay, I'm looking for the has to rank #1with me as well

either that one or i wanna rock

i can't decide wich is the best one...

Personally I love I wanna Rock and I'm looking for the one...

but I also love Let's Get Busy Baby, Charlie Mack

(1st out ot the Limo), I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson and all the oter songs... :bowdown:

It's just a question too hard to answer for me! :lolsign:

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As much as I like "i'm looking for the one," "So Fresh" is one of the songs that really got me into Will Smith/JJFP music. I would definitely consider "So Fresh" a JJFP song. I always like listening to it. I will have to go with "So Fesh."

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Just Kickin' It is one of my favorite songs, it is just so smooth, he flows so well on that track, I have loved it ever since I first heard it.

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Just Kickin'

i can listen to that song all day any day

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Next show Will does he needs to perform I'm Looking.. no need to do switch again Will :kekeke:

I bet you that the next time Will does a show, he's going to perform Brand New Funk, Summertime, Switch, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme... :shakehead:

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Its funny.. when they were in Sydney you should have seen the set list Will wrote up.. it included songs like Nightmare on My Street! about 11 tracks.. but they wouldn't let Will do them all because it would take too long and he had to get in the cinema for the premiere :chuks: And thus began the four track set :dj:

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