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I really don't like it , very boring song. Ive heard a few tracks from the album and they all sound like generic R&B trash.

generic R&B trash? hah. R&B AND Soul muzik goes along way back thru my Roots & heritage, and to be honest , in light of TODAY being the 1st day in celebration of BLack History Month,..I found your statement quite offensive... :thumbdown:

Back on topic... So Sick... Absolutely beautiful and heart touching. The music production is smoove and well orchestrated on this piece...



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hey thezone i find it kinda ironic that you call a deep song like this trash when you listen to lil' kim...

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No, but since where talking about Deep Tracks.. So Sick is nothing compared to that. I dot even get whats realy deep about it. I just like his singing. I mean the lyrics could come straight form a R. Kelly,Usher,Lemar Album, just rewriten. It`s not what I call deep..

By they way, 2 outta 4 Cd`s where bad.. But thats just my opinion.. This aint the subuject what I was talking about.

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i never said it wasn't deep, I said it was boring-


I love R&B and Soul Music ... my fav artists are Erykah Badu, Nate James, Beverley Knight, Lynden David Hall, Amel Larrieux, John Legend, Terri Walker, Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, Tweet, Anthony Hamilton and many more.

It's a shame that people call Lil Kim wack just because she's a woman, dresses sometimes tacky, and has had terrible plastic surgery. Kim has released some of the best hip hop tracks of all time. Obviously you can't like every song she releases as she tries to please all her fans.

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don't be calling stuff that some of us like trash then we won't diss who you like...

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There's a difference between something being "boring" and "trash." When i say that i'm not feeling something...that's just what i feel. But i'll admit 2 calling some music trash, which i don't take back. But there's many times when i say i don't feel something...but i really do think it's trash. I just try 2 control myself more these days.

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