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Bow Wow fans' etherin' Bow Wow on his own forum


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Will did a great job in his response and even if someone did make it up they did a great job spreading it around the internet, Bow Wow's being humiliated, you gotta love it!! :yeah:

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Bow Wow wanted 2 be a Gangsta but of course was 2 scared 2 pick some1 like Nas or LL Cool J. But he figured hey I'll pick on Will cause ppl dont like his music. Bow Wow thought wrong and it blew up in his face. Cause there are A LOT of Will Smith fans out there more than he imagine. He tried 2 recover by saying ohh me and Will are cool. I respect him blah blah. But BOW WOW dug himself in a deeper hole than he was already in.

Cause what he didn't realize that sum of his fans are also Will SMith fans. He just basically alienated them by his remarks in XXL. So hey I'm happy 2 see he is getting what he has coming 2 him 4 dissing a pioneer. I think this mutt's career is gonna be put down. :lolsign: :yeah:

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There wasn't really an apology though, that lil' pup basically said: "Me and Will are cool now but I think his music sucks, if you go back and read my comments I was saying his music is bubblegum, not his movies, I talk about more pimp stuff than that pansy'll ever talk about, the ladies think I'm sexier, don't compare my music to his, I'm so much better, btw I respect him though..." :hmm: The reason why people don't diss Nas and LL is 'cause they don't delay in responding to their critics, Will's a nice guy and ignores critics so people take advantage of that, that's why I hope what he said is true 'cause he needs to speak up more often then nobody'll diss him, no more Mr. Nice Guy suckas!!! btw, Bow Wow's career won't end unless he stops making bubblegum songs for lil' girls to sing along to or some other young face comes to take his place, it was funny to read that his hardcore fans hate him though, 99% of his fans don't exist, just a bunch of bandwagoners, lol...

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