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:bowdown: :bowdown: THANKS SOO MUCH 4 THE SONG!!!!! my computer has been a little stupid lately and yesterday i could hear the song 4 the first time..the song is GREAT!!!!it wasn't in any of the singles i found of freakin it either...

I think yesterday was my lucky day 'coz i finally got the song nothin's on my mind!!!! :biggrin: :biggrin: i never heard it before...the song is just like you say guys..AWSOME...it should've been in b2r in all the cd's not only like a bonus track
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here are the lyrics:

Out loungin
Getting ya cool on

So I'm saying you be checkin these mommies out
Use to walk up say a little somethin take everythin a brother got just to speak
You know she aint even gonna holla at you you know what I mean
If a brother say sumthin baby id look back
You know ain't know thing

Friday night on the strip I seen you walking
With your girlfriends and talking
I was across the street
Loungin and lost in the beat
Peeped you insatiable urged to holla
Out of my car insatiable urge to folla
On my mark heart steady ready to go
One shot at her first impressions steady my flow
What I'm a say sumthin charmin sumthin smooth and disarming
See what we got in common hopin your mind is open to approachin
With my dogs coaching me through closer to you
Closer I get my focus on you
Excuse me miss that sundress is divine
Yo that aint just a line
But she didn't respond (word)
Thought she didn't hear me so I said it again
But then she whispered shared a little laugh with her friend
I can understand if you aint feelin a cat
But blatant hatin on a brotha
What the deal with that girl

If I holla at you (then holla back)
If I say sumthin to you (then holla back)
If im comin at you (then holla back)
What the deal with it what the deal with it (la da da la da da)
X 2

Seen you strutin with the badest bod I seen in a while
Ya elegant ma your whole face just glean when you smile
Straight adoring your aura line (feel you and I)
Thinking of a line (that will reel you in ma)
Say sumthin cute to the group (where we going yall)
Then the cold hand of silence slapped my ego and all
I spoke nice baby but your response was ill
You aint all that..yes you are but still
Aight true life aint like im huntin
I say hi you say nuthin
Why you frontin
On my word I aint deserved to get done like that
I aint do no (nuu nuu or pss psss) or nuthin like that
Came straight like a gentleman raised by my mum
What you think everybody should get played cause you fine
naa I just wanted to rap
if a brotha holla holla back

If I holla at you (then holla back)
If I say sumthin to you (then holla back)
If im comin at you (then holla back)
What the deal with it what the deal with it (la da da la da da)
X 2

I just wanna get to know you
By you a soda
I don't know walk talk whatever
You can shine by me
Just a rock session
No parental discretion
Swing in your direction
Cause you my kind mommy
I ain't no dog
Yo what's with the fence
Look in my eyes
What you see a frog or a prince
Mrs freeze
Nice as it get
Yeah icin the set
You don't want no scrub
I don't want no scrubette girl
You don't know me I don't know you
You don't know the future
Ain't got no crystal ball to look through
You cant tell what its gonna be
At least not yet
What I gotta get dissed cause of how the last guy stepped
I could be your soul mate (a true dat a true dat)
I could be your best friend (true dat true dat)
I could be your life dream (true dat true dat)
You gonna miss risking that? Better holla at me

If I holla at you (then holla back)
If I say sumthin to you (then holla back)
If im comin at you (then holla back)
What the deal with it what the deal with it (la da da la da da)

X 5

Holla back
Holla back
Holla back Edited by Endure
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Guest Prince
[quote=Sandy,Apr 11 2004, 12:59 PM]that would be great!!!!
can somebody help me and give me some meaning for : HOLLA BACK??? i have no idea of what it means :nhawong:[/quote]
"Holla Back"

Holla, to holler. To shout, to communicate. So Holla Back to reply back to him, to holler back.
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I can easily get my hands on the "Freakin' It" Import single that features "Holla Back." If anyone can't find it and is willing 2 send me a payment thru' the mail or thru' PayPal, just let me know.
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