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it would be stupid not to


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this would be the perfect time to release it 'cause this is something that all radio stations would play, Jimmy Iovine is too busy kissin' 50's ass to do that though...

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I am sure it's going to be released, but the question shouldn't be WILL IT BE RELEASED, but moreso WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE RELEASED.

It's like summer belongs to summer, and winter to winter.

You don't wear a t-shirt in the winter, as you don't wear a sweater in the summer.

You release a summer song in the summer, not in the winter.

And I hope to god, he won't release Tell Me Why in the summer, cause then

he would practically destroy 1 of the best albums ever, so much potential but not put to good use.

I'm sorry will but I seriously don't understand you sometimes,

you have had a vacation for quite some time now, wouldn't it be perfect to release it right in january ? it would have been perfect to release it in september or october but who am I to say, I just don't want to see them release the perfect song in may or june.

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Will needs to go to a new label and hire a new promotional team, this is dissapointing, oh well, better luck next album....

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Yeah the media's gonna always have a bias towards Will no matter where he goes 'cause of his clean image, I'd be happier though if he released "Tell Me Why" as the first single instead of "Switch", even if the album flopped altogether, at least he'd get the best song he's made since "Summertime" out there to the public....

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If Will really wanted to release TMW, surely he could do out of his own pocket, So-Fresh style? I guess it's down to him... I wouldn't like the idea of him going out and performing it loads of times 'Switch-style' because I don't think that would be a appropriate... just a nice video would do...

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