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Ying Yang Twins wanna met Will Smith


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Well the thing is when a lot of artists get high record sales or get the acclaim from the media as the greatest artist, they let that get to their heads and go around with their head in the clouds like the whole world evolves around only them, Will never does, and that's what seperates him from who a lot of people call legends 'cause he ain't souped up, he'll show love to everybody even if they don't show love back, also speaking what he feels in his heart is right even if the media don't agree with him, and that's real, Will could've easily kissed up to certain people then maybe his sales would be higher than they are now and souless people would call him a legend but he'd look a lil' fake, he's a legend already to those who appreciate somebody with heart and that's what should matter most....


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well it's nice to know that the Ying Yang Twins look up to Will. i used to be into that crunk stuff a couple years ago but now its old and boring. ying yang had a few decent club bangers but the whisper song? that was crap. that song might be the most unoriginal boring song i've heard in a long time.

how the hell do you know that they're looking up to him?? just because og that statement? come on, dont talk such "bull****"

Well i also would like to meet a soccer player but it doent mean that i'm looking up to him.

and i'm not too negative, the most of you are just making a big deal out of nothing. :thumbdown:

ok well if they say they wanted to see more Will Smith in 2005 then i'm pretty damn sure that they at least like him as an artist/actor. they could respect him and look up to him too. but it's at least nice to know that ying yang likes Will's skills and would like to meet him

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Wow, Ted seems to be digging up a lot of negative stuff about KRS lately, a lot of stuff that I would never imagine. I guess it is pretty cool that the Ying Yang Twins would want to meet Will, I am really not a fan of their music, that damn whisper song is downright annoying, but it is nice to see that they like and respect him. Off topic a little bit, it would be nice to hear something from Rakim giving props to Will, since Will mentioned him in "Lost and Found." (see my signature) It would be great to hear them on a track together. I only really started hearing music from Rakim a few months ago and I really like him, he is so good lyrically. It would be nice to see him and Will on a track together.

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