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Let It Go- Kirk Franklin

has anybody else heard this one? just really simple and honest.....i love it and it's really encouraging me to write, i'm trying to eventually listen to his entire album

I love that song as well. I think Without You is the best song on Kirk's album.

BTW, I'm listening to SWV's Right Here/Human Nature remix

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no i didn't download it, both my aunt and mom have copies so i added it to the music file on my PC and set my itunes to shuffle so i listen to different songs as they pop up...c'mon gimme a break, have a little faith in me :stickpoke:

*cool TopDawg i'll have to let it play next time it pops up...it's kinda hard for me to just sit and go thru the entire album in one sitting...i like "Imagine Me" on there as well, that one stays on repeat :wiggle:

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