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DJ Jazzy Jeff - "We Are". So much emotion in this song.

The Magnificent must surely be one of my favourite hip-hop albums of all time. Love it.

:word: The Magnificent is amazing... good to read through the booklet whilst you're listening, adds to the understanding of each track. I'd still've loved to have heard Jeff's unreleased album on Columbia...

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Ali G and Shaggy - "Me Julie" right here on JJFP radio.

Awesome choice, DJ Jonny 5! Jazzy Julie will be so pleased. :2thumbs:

hehe, that could be her theme tune... I think I've mentioned it to her before a couple of times actually lol

Yeah, she told me a while ago that when it was released, she was plagued by people she knew singing:

"Juuuuuullliieee.. me a love'yah truuuuullyyyyy.. from my head to my goooolies.. you turn me on with your big babylon"


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Current Dj:

DJ Louie-G

Currently Playing:

N.W.A - Boyz-n-the Hood

good work man!

Thx man!, I'm puttin some effects live, simples but i'm startin :kekeke:

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