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"80% fans of hiphop are white, only 6% are black"


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They may just be being very immature jerks. I would think if someone truly hated any race of being, they'd hurt everyone any way possible. Verbally, physically, etc. To say that "all I need is a gun", shows cowardliness and fear towards something/someone they don't understand.

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ight yall i dont listen tod a beastie boys i aint dat old nah meen when dey were rappin i was in dipers but im still old enought o hear a lil im not 12 im way older but nah meen i dont think beastie boys are G-unit they are tottaly diffrent like diffrent types of rap u get me like kanye west is diffrent then tupac... like common sense if diffren then biggie...does dat make more sense.............and i was right about whites turning into a mintory the latin american minroties grows a helluh lot eacj year they are bigger den blacks bigger den asians and dey are going to take da white population by storm...but i higly doubt dat sumthin will happen in da next four yrs to da latin american community....all of u will see

......................................... AND YEAH THIS IS DA SAME PERSON AS MADBLOCK

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