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Will wins an American Music Award


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I think he won best Pop/Rock act (im not sure about this though i live in the Uk) somebody will have to enlighten us, 50 cent and rob thomas was also nominated

Whoa!!!!!! Big Will is back in the music game!!!!!! man he's still relevant after 20 years, good to see he knocked the s*** out of 50 cent!!!!

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I found the list of all the winners:

Winners at the American Music Awards

Winners at the 33rd annual American Music Awards:

_ Pop-Rock:

Male artist: Will Smith

Female artist: Gwen Stefani

Band, duo or group: The Black Eyed Peas

Album: "American Idiot," Green Day

_ Soul-R&B:

Male artist: R. Kelly

Female artist: Mariah Carey

Band, duo or group: Destiny's Child

Album: "Destiny Fulfilled," Destiny's Child

_ Country:

Male artist: Tim McGraw

Female artist: Gretchen Wilson

Band, duo or group: Brooks & Dunn

Album: "Live Like You Were Dying," Tim McGraw

_ Rap/Hip-Hop:

Male artist: Eminem

Female artist: Missy Elliott

Band, duo or group: The Black Eyed Peas

Album: "The Massacre," 50 Cent

_ Adult Contemporary:

Artist: Kelly Clarkson

_ Latin Music:

Artist: Shakira

_ Alternative Music:

Artist: Green Day

_ Breakthrough:

New artist: Sugarland

T-Mobile Text-In Award (voted by public): Kelly Clarkson

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It's amazing that Will was able to win this award without so many big name guest appearances on the album, in fact Snoop and Luda didn't win anything either so that shows you how relevant Will still is!

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Will was just on the Insider joking around with Pat O'Brien, acting like he was Shakira's bodyguard, he was like "don't touch Shakira" and he kept pushing Pat then Pat was like "I saw your wife and she looks gorgeous" Will's like "what the hell is that supposed to mean" and Pat's like "exactly what I said my brother" LOL...so Will was kinda pushing him again and he was like "you're not as young and fast as you used to be." it was pretty funny, esp. when Pat said "my brother" lmao

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