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[quote=Hero1,Jul 7 2004, 12:22 AM]pleasure? i'm in serious pain here i can stop replying to your ridiculous posts[/quote]
you c Tim? you can't stop... all of you have problems!...
2 prince co's his nuts...
Tim just nuts co's he can't (ta ta ta la ta ta ta...) posting!!!
and AJ co's he got 2 b a B2K fan... BUMP BUMP BUMP...
So all of you get yourself together and post only million post in a day and not more!
Am I clear?...

I feel stronge now ha ha... :nana:
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oh no the worst thing that could have possibly happened has. My treatment is now ruined, i got my computer fixed of its virus and now its about 10 times faster and that means more time for posting.

Now i can do it super fast i just wanna post and post just bcoz it feels good. I get a thrill when my computer posts without any problems, its such a high i wanna do it again and again just bcoz i know i can.

Help im having a relapse!!!
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here my confession..

hey guys.it seems like whenever I go on the internet..i always wanna post b4 i do
anything else..I have been kicked out of many of my classes bcoz b4 I always come here..After school..i go as quickly as I can to the Library....And supervisers kick me out of the computers bcoz I go over the time limite..Now that school is done...I use my dad's computer and i'm afraid I woke up at 7:00 am just to post..
I don't really know wut to do..teachers at school hate me bcoz i post here every single day..Wut do I do???
My mom told me not to be coming here ever again bcoz I'm wasting my energy and i'm afaid I will just do it alot more...plizzz help me out

:tear: :tear:
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Guest Prince
In class you spend your time surfing around the internet? Damn man, that isn't extreme at all... All other times, out of school is extreming it... I can't help though with my latest found addiction. Read the first few pages of this thread (the most popular on the forum) for some of my previous advice.

Julie, I wish you luck but I can't offer any advice - I need all the help I can get in my own addiction.

Somebody help? Tim, you still haven't come round to pull the plug and confiscate my modem, I'm just gonna keep on posting to the max :poke: :dunno:

*Sits down and cries* Edited by Prince
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we have at least got passed the first stage in our treatment and possibly the hardest and that is realising that we have a problem, all we need to do is to stick together and we can fight this addiction.

I am more worried about the people who have yet to join our little meetings and still think that they dont have a problem and stick there noses down on us addicts. but the truth is they are addicts too and need so much more help, so Prince and Wild child and the rest of our little group at least we can stand tall and say to the world, "yes we have a problem".

So dont feel sorry for yourself guys, feel sorry for the rest of them bcoz we all know they are in denial............. oh crap i just got cake stuck in my keyboard.

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Guest Prince
This thread is the most active on the forum... I am so addicted, I had to see how active... One in every five people is compelled to respond to this thread, clearly unable to contain themselves any longer... Extreme it to the max!
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[quote=Prince,Jul 6 2004, 06:21 PM]Well done 3cookies. You have officially won the title of JJFP Afro Angel Queen....[/quote]
:kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke:

[color=blue][font="Arial"]awww...really? hehehehehe..... :jig:

thankies... :thanks: thankies ...

speaking of... We haven't given out WS/JJFP fan's awards in a couple of years now, have we???

bout that tyme, aint it? We're about 2 years and 5 months behind... . lol :thumb:

3cookies [/color][/font]

[i][b]ps,...now i bet ur sayin...when did i say any of that cookie? lol[/b][/i] Edited by 3cookies
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