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Party Starter is dead in the water


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fresh prince in jeans....what are u talking about "2002"...music has started sucking more more since the late 90's. The music that gets supported commercially has been suffering 4 a long time. Hip-Hop commercially has turned 2 boring rap music ever since the mid-90's. I think the last 5 years have been tragically worse than ever tho.' Good music still breaks thru' from time 2 time. Alicia Keys for example. FP definitly has a chance with every album he drops. However, the way his lables have screwed him along with how he doesn't schedule wisley dosen't help.

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Check on Mos Def's track The Rape over


Boogie man business)


Old white men is runnin this rap ****

Corporate force's runnin this rap ****

Some tall israeli is runnin this rap ****

We poke out our asses for a chance to cash in

Cocaine, is runnin this rap ****

'Dro, 'yac and E-pills is runnin this rap ****

The rape over, turn your face over nigga

No god in disguise it's me, game over

Hey lil souljahs you ready for war?

But don't ask what you're fighting for

Just hope that you sur--vive the gunfight, the drama, the stress

You get in the line of fire, we get the big ass checks

You gettin your choice of pimp

Make your choice and fall in

This is ho stroll B I, take that cock in your behind, beyotch

Hit the streets and perform for us

Hold hard and bring it on to us, ****er

I let you sip up some army, get a Mercedes

And kick back and let you pay me, my Mack is crazy

I leave the, knife and fist fight filled with glamour

Yeah, take a picture with this platinum plated sledgehammer

We over-do it add the fire and explosion to it

We sold confusion, we front rap music

MTV, is runnin this rap ****

Viacomm is runnin this rap ****

AOL and Time Warner runnin this rap ****

We poke out our asses for a chance to cash in

Cocaine, is runnin this rap ****

Hennessey, is runnin this rap ****

Quasi-homosexuals is runnin this rap ****

Watch out! we run the world...

That's it

Mos speaks the truth!

I think Will should don't give a **** about sales and just release the track Lost & Found!

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good idea.. heres 2 more tracks

Artist: Del The Funky Homosapien

Song: Del'S Nightmare

The slave master watching over you,

Always trying to tell you what the **** to do!

The slave master watching over you,

But ain't nothing gonna stop me and my crew!

This is for you kids trying to get signed.

Just a little something you should keep in mind:

The labels are slave masters. Artists are slaves.

Don't get too raunchy. They want you to behave.

You get signed. You're thinking, "This is great!"

But wait You never knew what was at stake.

Creative control they withold.

You sell your soul when you sign on the dotted line hoping to go gold.

But you'll never see that, not without promotion.

The label'll just throw your **** out, and got it floatin'.

You think your **** is potent, but ain't nobody buying it.

If they ain't never heard of it, ain't nobody trying it.

If they ain't never heard of it 'your record' they murder it.

You can complain. But they are not concerned a bit.'

Cause when they signed you, they thought you'd make a hit

'cause of who you were affiliated with, and all that bull****.

Frustrations. All these rules and regulations

Just so you can have your **** heard by the nation.

And be patient.

'Cause by the time theyfinally release your **** its ancient.

You think they're working your album? You're mistaken.

And if you flop, you get dropped.

'Cause you ain't the star. You didn't go pop.

Just straight up hip-hop. Time to get a mop.

'Cause without no promotion, of course sales drop.

Peep the break down: If tapes cost ($)10,

You'll probaably only get to see a dollar in the end,

That you cannot spend. Cause your budget gets recouped.

So you never get cash unless your record is "Shoop."

You better hope you get shows, which will not happen

If you don't have a record that's the main attraction.

Even if you sell a million, you'll get burned

Cause they keep half your cash just in case of returns.

For a while, you wonder why rappers don't smile.

'cause to them, you're not an artist. You're just another file.

Another nigger used to make another buck.

They don't give a ****. And if your **** don't blow up, tough.

But the star gets both promotion and devotion

From the whole ****ing staff. At you, they laugh.

The star probably don't know that he the house nigger.

Thinking he bigger cause he's the, pick of the litter.

These lebels think backwards. They push the acts that need it the least

So they can get all the money they can when it's released.

They take you to a restarant for a feast,

And then expect you to pck up the check?

That's why I give props to niggaz who is independent:

'Cause they make they own money, plus decide how to spend it.

Splendid.And lets end it.

And don't get offended.

(Chorus 2x)

The slave master watching over you,

Always trying to tell you what the **** to do.

The slave master watching over you,

But ain't nothing gonna stop me and my crew.


public enemy - swindlers lust

A Dollar A Rhyme But We Barely Get A Dime

If You Don?t Own The Master

Then The Master Own You

Who Do You Trust From Swindler?s Lust

From The Back Of The Bus

Neither One Of Us Control The Fate Of Our Soul

And Swindler?s Lust

Hickory Dickory Dock Hand In My Pocket

Robbed Me For My Chocolate

Mo Dollars Mo Cents For The Big Six

Another Million Led To Bled Claimin They Innocence

Is It Any Wonder Why Black Folks Goin Under

Cause Niggas Be Sold In Bundles

No Pressure Tell Me Why They Don?t Care

Rap And R & B Pavin The Streets Of Belair

From The Sales Of Singers No Longer Here

The Bigger Killer Gets The Bigger Share

Now The Ones I Attack The Negros Got Their Back

And Know 80-20 Is A Whack Contract

Forever Lack The Voice Of Real Black

Stole Rock And Roll And Ain?t Gave It Back

Started Off My Defense

Now They?re The Ones I Defend Against

Who Fell Up Into The Tricks

**** The Fight The Power ****

Get That Chuck D Nigga Fixed

And Keep Him Up Outta The Mix

Well Hell Tell Em Chuck Don?t Suck No Dick

Be An Ass And The Ass Get Kicked

Hand In My Pocket Robbed Me For My Chocolate

Watch Em Swindle Yo Ass And Turn A Profit

If You Don?t Own The Master

Then The Master Own You

Who Do You Trust From Swindler?s Lust

From The Back Of The Bus

Neither One Of Us Control The Fate Of Our Soul

And Swindler?s Lust

They Don?t Care About Me

They Don?t Care About You

They Don?t Care About You And Ya Crew

Ya Family Neighborhood And Plus

They Don?t Give A Damn About Us

Profit Off The Soul Of Black Folk

Turn Em Into Bitchez And Niggas

And Stupid Ass Jokes

Laugh Wit Us Or Laughin At Us

That Is What I?m Guessin

We Interrupt This Program Wit That Question

Laughin All The Way To The Bank

Remember Dem Own The Banks

And Dem G-Damn Tanks

Now What Company Do I Thank

Ain?t This A Bitch Heard They Owned Slaves

And A Ship That Sank

If You Don?t Own The Master

Then The Master Own You

Who Do You Trust From Swindler?s Lust

From The Back Of The Bus

Neither One Of Us Control The Fate Of Our Soul

And Swindler?s Lust

This Is For The Blues People In The Delta

This Is For Everybody In The 50?s That Didn?t Get Their Money

Little Richard Gettin Half A Penny A Penny

All The Super Soul Singers Of The 60?s

All The Bands Of The 70?s On The Outside Lookin In

All The People That Didn?t Make A Dime Off Their Session Playin

And Even The Rappers In The 80?s And The 90?s

Still Tryin To Get Paid For What They Put In

If You Don?t Own The Master

Then The Master Own You

Who Do You Trust From Swindler?s Lust

From The Back Of The Bus

Neither One Of Us Control The Fate Of Our Soul

And Swindler?s Lust

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I'd say this rhyme by KRS-ONE's "Come To Da Party" is also relevant to these times more than ever:

"Negative rap, positive rap, forget that black it's a trap

to set us back, concentrate on various rap talents

Presently the rap radio format is unbalanced

You either got the player, or the concious rhyme sayer

all day, on your radio, not with a different flavor

Someone has to DIE before you hear a concious record

People don't like gangsta rap, but concious rap, they don't respect it

The truth is people are afraid of black youth

Our expressions, our lessons and gold teeth, so.."

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sad to know this... I spent the last 4 weeks on studyin' and not comin to this forum, I was expectin good news or somethin ok?, and i found this topic..i feel sad i think everybody here is sad, but i think Will got a last chance, Tell me why could be the HIT, i would like Will release Lost & Found..but if PS didn't achieved very much cause its lyrics, L&F will scare ppl, MTV sucks, only support videos wit any good messages.

Why should Will try to sound like y'all sound?...now I'll be back to my books, c ya ppl!!!

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I don't blame Will for the flop of Lost & Found! This was Interscope's fault...i don't get why he signed there..it would have been better if he released it completely on overbrook or ATOJ! I think one of the reviewers of all hip hop.com said it...this album could have reached 4*plat , if interscope promoted it just like 50 cents or Eminem album!

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"Lost and Found" didn't have massive success but to say it flopped is foolish, only a handful of albums went at least gold this year and he's nominated for an AMA, it wasn't a flop!

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i think this is also some music that relates....mos def- fear not of man

It's a lot of things goin on y'all

21st century is comin

20th century almost done

A lot of things have changed

A lot of things have not, mainly us

We gon' get it together right? I believe that

Listen.. people be askin me all the time,

"Yo Mos, what's gettin ready to happen with Hip-Hop?"

(Where do you think Hip-Hop is goin?)

I tell em, "You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop?

Whatever's happening with us"

If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out

If we doin alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doin alrightPeople talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin in the hillside

comin down to visit the townspeople

We +are+ Hip-Hop

Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop

So Hip-Hop is goin where we goin

So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is goin

ask yourself.. where am I goin? How am I doin?Til you get a clear idea

So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people

and the.. Hip-Hop won't get better until the people get better

then how do people get better? (Hmmmm...)

Well, from my understanding people get better

when they start to understand that, they are valuable

And they not valuable because they got a whole lot of money

or cause somebody, think they sexy

but they valuable caause they been created by God

And God, makes you valuable

And whether or not you, recognize that value is one thing

You got a lot of socities and governments

tryin to be God, wishin that they were God

They wanna create satellites and cameras everywhere

and make you think they got the all-seein eye

thats only the first part, what i take from that is i think hip hop is goin downhill nowadays cause all the drama with terror and stuff like that.

Edited by WILL IS ILL
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This album probably have done it better on the box-office, it had the opportunity to get plat, but failed on bad promotion. Even the haters admitted when it came out that the album is hot and has the potencial to outsell 50!

That's the point that bothers me alot. I think you mentioned it before Big Ted, Will Smith is not Mos Def or Common on a popularity level,so i think that Gold is for someone like FP not a big achievement! L+F flopped!

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What is wrong with you people? Why are you saying that Partystarter is dead in the water? In the UK it is getting a decent amount of spins on the music channels and certain radio stations such as Galaxy play it and not just once or twice to fill a gap in the schedule. The reason why Interscope aren't promoting Partystarter much is that they will be hoping that it will do the same as switch which they didn't promote but still sold well and got airplay and is still getting spins on the music channels.Granted its not the best promotional tactic but it is what they are doing.

In order for Partystarter to do well you all have to realise that the only way for it to do so is for the fans to go out and buy it and KEEP THE FAITH.

Partystarter isn't even released until Monday in the UK and i can only speak for the UK as that is where I live. You all need to stop being so pessimistic and get behind the record. Stop saying that Tell Me Why should be released and just buy, legally download and request it as much as possble.

Don't give up because as soon as the fans give up the record company and the entire industry will give up on Will and that should not happen.

Come on people deal with the hear and now and support Partystarter and not Tell Me Why. Save that for when that song gets released IF it gets released! :jada:

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