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  1. Usher as an artist is alright but when it comes to his acting he needs to work on it a bit more. Plus he is an amazing dancer when he is given a routine to do but him by himself doing his own thing.... He always does the same lame moves every time some one asks him to dance. But as i said as a choreographed dancer he is amazing. But in general talent wise he isn't a patch on Will at the moment as Will has had longer to work on his career and put the graft into honing his skills. But that comes with time so as long as Usher sticks to his guns and works on honing his skills then he has the ability to go very far but i would prefer him without the inflated ego.
  2. its fine i just felt like i ws being called a liar for no reason. But i totally agree i thought it would chart higher than it did but who knows maybe it will climb like Switch did. That was in the charts for months so hey there is still hope for PS. But interscope need to get off their butts and put some effort into promoting artists of will's calibre and stop over promoting people like 50 cent. No offence to 50 or any of his fans intended but he does get over promoted.
  3. I know what you mean but they are the official RnB singles chart in the UK. It is regulated and compiled by the same company that does the top 40 its just broken down into genres.
  4. PS is 19 in the Uk singles chart but it is 11 in the UK R&B singles chart. And i posted the mid weeks on ws.com and i clearly stated that for legal reasons they cannot call them mid weeks and have to call them chart predictions. Channel 4 page 384 does exist as i check it every week for the mid weeks but the page changes to different things each day. You have to look on a wednesday or thursday and the midweeks will be there. But at least PS is somewhere in the R&B charts. (bbc.co.uk/radio1 and follow the links for charts and then RnB singles)
  5. Thats hitch! OK how about "Lord of the Rings....Sooo imaginative" :hmm:
  6. Thats easy it bad boys 1. Oh what about "I don't hit senior citizens"
  7. :damnlorettas: What is wrong with you people? Why are you saying that Partystarter is dead in the water? In the UK it is getting a decent amount of spins on the music channels and certain radio stations such as Galaxy play it and not just once or twice to fill a gap in the schedule. The reason why Interscope aren't promoting Partystarter much is that they will be hoping that it will do the same as switch which they didn't promote but still sold well and got airplay and is still getting spins on the music channels.Granted its not the best promotional tactic but it is what they are doing. In order for Partystarter to do well you all have to realise that the only way for it to do so is for the fans to go out and buy it and KEEP THE FAITH. Partystarter isn't even released until Monday in the UK and i can only speak for the UK as that is where I live. You all need to stop being so pessimistic and get behind the record. Stop saying that Tell Me Why should be released and just buy, legally download and request it as much as possble. Don't give up because as soon as the fans give up the record company and the entire industry will give up on Will and that should not happen. Come on people deal with the hear and now and support Partystarter and not Tell Me Why. Save that for when that song gets released IF it gets released! :jada:
  8. I'm saying... Why is Trey (the first child) being mistreated? He hasn't been in any movies. He's not pulling down paper like Jaden. This is horrible. I'm outraged!!! Trey did have a brief cameo in MIB2 with Jaden. They were the two kids standing on the street when the car flies overhead. Plus Trey is 'making paper' as you put it as he has done some pressenting for the kids choice awards on the red carpet and actually interviewed his dad. He also has done some modelling for Tommy Hilfiger when he was younger. Plus apparently Jaden didn't like being in the limelight when he was younger. Plus Willow apparently bugged him to have her in a song and make a song about her because Trey had one about him.
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