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alright folks, Tim said we should vote trl 2night, i forgot until i came here so this is a reminder. Remmember the best time is between 4pm and 5pm. here are the times for different countries:

Amsterdam 10PM

Cape Town 10PM

Geneva 10PM

Hong Kong 4AM

Istanbul 11PM

Lahore 1 AM

London 9PM

Los Angeles 1PM

Madrid 10PM

Sydney 6AM

Mexico 3PM

Moscow 12AM

Sofia 11PM

Stockholm 10PM

Toronto 4PM

Vancouver 1PM

Zurich 10PM

If your country isnt on there try this for times:


and heres the link for TRL:


Thats all u need so no excuses. and voting once or twice makes no difference, we need about 10,000 apparently. Forget complaining that ps is doing well, we need to put our energies into helping it!!

EDIT: Tim found all the times and stuff, i know he doesnt like it when other ppl get credit for his stuff lol. In fact i didnt find anything on this post i just took info from other posts and put it together.

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I'm watchin' now, I voted quite a bit myself!

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wow..didnt make it..im shocked

Yeah it didn't make it again, well there's no TRL until next week now!

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