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hmm ok, idea, what if we do it 2moro night, that way we give more notice for ppl coz i missed last nights. I say this time we need as many people as possible, that means unless you in school/college/work, its the middle of the night or all of your fingers are broken, we must vote. (sorry about the bossyness but its gotta be done).

I think if 3-4 people vote we barely scratch the surface, we need at least 20 people to make any kind of difference.

We cant give up now, we just need to re-think our line of attack!

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I think we should try again today! :pony:

i am starting to vote but we are only a few ppl right now :shrug:


this guy from MTV diss Will :daveuidiot:


What did he say?

well something about that he dont like the new style of Will

i think i still keep somewhere the video with the comment Brakes :hmm:

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