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Will & Timbaland

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Havn't we known he waz still working on music anyway?? Anyways, Timbaland is one of my favorite modern producers and i can't wait 2 hear something created by the both of them. I got Brandy's new album 2day and Timbaland is all over it (replacing Rodney Jerkins' place) and the result is great. I waz surprised that 2 artists like themselves who have strong images already in place can blend the way they do.

I like all the stuff on Timbaland's (+ Magoo's albums) and think they are amoungst the best of modern Hip-Hop albums so this is real music 2 my ears if Will chooses 2 work with people outside of A Touch of Jazz. I think their chemistry is will be blazing cuz Timbaland coming from VA has that mid-east coast vibe Will grew up with. They both have a crazy sense of humor and make respectable music. Timbaland has a strong old skool background that not alot of people know about. I'm just happy 2 hear that newz!!

"Willows Is A Player" sounded kinda inspired by Timbaland's sound.
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Thats EXCELLENT news.............if its true!!! How great would that be if Will worked with Timmy!! The only other producer i'd LOVE to see Will work with is the man of the moment Kanye West!!

This album sounds like a winner! I really can't wait!! But hold on.....................i just realised. A while back wasn't there reports that will had finished his album and was looking for a label to put it out on?? If so then i guess that suggests three possibilities!!

1. He still hasn't finished and still addind trax
2. He has finished and is just stll making music
3. He is working on a [b]NEW, NEW[/b] album!! Ha ha!! Only kidding!!! :bowrofl:

:thumb: :music: :kool:
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i think hes finished the album he did last year..and hes still working on new material.. the fact that hes been doin a lot of performances lately just means hes focusing on music quite a lot..and with last first kiss finishing filming this week.. the next few months hes not starting any movies..so full steam ahead on the music :thumb: :music:
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I have a feeling that Will has 'the album' finished but that until he is ready 2 drop it and/or finds a label, he'll keep recording. There 2 things we definitly know thru' the recording process of this album. 1. Will is seriously tryna make this album his best ever (who records so much 4 one album without releasing ANYTHING) and 2, he really dose love music. So many people he's now this actor who just records every once in awhile just 2 do it. People can't say that anymore, his 1st love really is music. If all the stuff he's created over the past year and a half is that good, he should look in2 dropping a double album.
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