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The New iPod !


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then i'd be spending $200-$300 to get what i already have on cd and then i'd never listen to my cd's again and i'd feel like i wasted hundreds of dollars on cd's when i dont even need them anymore

haha yeah I 've been thinkin about selling some of my cds..since im always listenin to my ipod and the cds are just sittin there.. now id rather just purchase mp3s than buy a cd

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whats the hype about ipods? they're overpriced for me. i'll still with my Creative Nomad II 64 meg mp3 player, thank you very much

Haha yeah they are overpriced. I'm using my cd player!! :lolsign: An iPod would be awesome to have, altho I don't necessarily need it.

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ooh im getting my ipod in the next few weeks, i need one with loads of space tho, my music collection keeps growing fast.

I really need an ipod bcoz my mum keeps knocking one of my cd racks over with all the jjfp cds on. Im so surprised none of them are scratched, i need backup!! :jada:

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