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best battle?


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[quote=bigted,Jun 27 2004, 12:49 PM]That was classic!![/quote]
Canibus ripped LL? Where's Canibus now then if he did rip LL? I don't hear anyone say Canibus is a legend, they still say LL is a legend. If Canibus ripped LL so bad he would be getting more cred than what he has and he doesn't know how to make rap music 'cause what hot album did Canibus make? LL didn't have anything to prove to Canibus just like we say Will Smith doesn't have anything to prove to Eminem 'cause when you're a new rapper you can't just overtake a veteran that has been in the game for 15 years. That'd be like sayin' that Lebron James would beat Michael Jordan in one-on-one, it ain't happenin'. :werd: [/quote]
Canibus is still around making records andripping up the mic wherever he goes. Just recently he was at 'The Jump Off' MC battle competition here in London.

Plenty of people [b]are[/b] saying Canibus is a legend, and he is. How many people do you think can put words, smilies and metaphors together like he can?

And just because Canibus beat LL in a battle doesn't mean he automatically becomes a bigger star than him and starts being successful, it doesn't work like that. The one advantage LL has over Canibus is that he knows how to make songs which the record buying public will accept and buy in their numbers. This is something that Canibus has always lacked. But saying this Canibus [b]DOES[/b] make hot music. Which albums have you listened to of his?? Anybody who's listened to any of his albums (barring C-True Hollywood Stories) would not say that Canibus does not make hot music.

But the fact of the matter is that Canibus is and always will remain an underground MC, which is why his records don't sell in the millions. If u check out his forum, you'll see the enormous fan base in which he has.

And for someone who doesn't have anything to prove, why did LL start the whole battle between them?
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Sorry that I'm not a big Canibus fan but it doesn't matter how many records you sell to be considered a legend. KRS-ONE and Rakim are always brought up as much if not more than LL Cool J and Will Smith are when it comes to the greatest M.C. of all time even though KRS-ONE and Rakim aren't Grammy award winners like LL Cool J and Will Smith. My point is Canibus ain't in the category and it has nothing to do with record sales!
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I don't think Canibus won...cuz i never heard a reply from him after "The Ripper Strikes Back." I'm sure he said stuff...but it waz never heard except by the 7 people who have gone out and supported his more recent stuff. I think L.L.'s answers 2 Canibus were hilarious...beyond trash talking...L.L. waz having fun with it rather than taking it real serious. I heard alot of Canibus' early stuff and i just don't like it. The production waz weak, his voice annoyed me, i didn't like his flow...and while he did have some clever lyrics, i think he waz overrated at the time cuz they really didn't stand out 2 me. I'm not calling him Ludacris or anything but he just never impressed me. L.L. still went after him on G.O.A.T. also. I think that kinda finished it all off.

I just think he's a whiney lil' punk cuz after his 1st album flopped commercially, he attacked Wyclef. Wyclef had his back, got him recognized, helped him get most of his fanbase, put his album 2gether...DID EVERYTHING 4 HIM...then he dissed him. I look at it this way, Wyclef is a big hit maker...look at his solo career, not 2 mention giving Pras his only big hit and making hits for John Forte and City High. If Wyclef can make hits with all these people who were new artists at the time, why couldn't Canibus make a hit when he already had a buzz about him. That just tells me he can't deliver what people really wanna hear.

I also don't think L.L. had 2 respond 2 him...but when he took Canibus' verse on "4,3,2,1" as diss on song 4 his own album, it gave him a good reason 2 take a shot at him. Then, after making a stupid move as a new jack rapper taking on a vet...L.L. just laffed since he didn't have anything at steak and tore him apart cuz he waz hungry 2.

Did Canibus ever answer "The Ripper Strikes Back" cuz i'd love 2 hear it. I heard Wyclef's answer 2 "Rasta Impasta" on his freestyle on one of Tony Touch's mistapes and it waz pretty wack.
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LL was out of order to Canibus over that whole verse thing. I've heard the actual phone call between LL and Canibus talking about that verse and he made out like they were gonna resolve it but then stabbed canibus in the back. If u would have heard it and seen wat had gone on then u'd understand how.

And canibus did reply to Ripper Strikes Back with a diss track called 'Rip The Jacker' (which i'm sure has been heard by more than 7 people) That really was the end of it. LL was beat. I dont understand tho how peeps think LL beat Canibus with 'Ripper strikes back'!! He came up wid nothing new in that track and in my opinion was weak compared to 'Second Round Knockout'. On each of Canibus' album to date therehave been numerous digs towards many artists!! The most being LL. Others include Eminem, Beinie Siegal and other Roc-A-Fella label mates!!

If u listen to Canibus' first album den you'll find out why he dissed Wyclef!! Come on now.....how can ANYBODY have a hit with the beats Wyclef made for that album!! They were DISGRACEFUL!! And he calls himself a producer???? Something was goin on there!! Edited by Da Brakes
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Another battle that we have forgot to mention is KRS-ONE vs. Nelly. All real hip-hop fans know that KRS-ONE destroyed Nelly wit the song "Ova Here", while pop fans continued to ignore that and bought Nelly's garbage album that summer, which sold more than Born To Reign. :cussing:
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[quote=bigted,Jun 29 2004, 08:23 AM]Another battle that we have forgot to mention is KRS-ONE vs. Nelly. All real hip-hop fans know that KRS-ONE destroyed Nelly wit the song "Ova Here", while pop fans continued to ignore that and bought Nelly's garbage album that summer, which sold more than Born To Reign. :cussing:[/quote]
Oh yeah I wanted to show y'all the lyrics to that song "OVA HERE", check it out:
[url="http://www.ohhla.com/anonymous/krs_one/mix_tape/ova_here.krs.txt"]OVA HERE Lyrics[/url]
Artist: KRS-One
Album: The Mix Tape
Song: Ova Here
Typed by: Gemini_2050@Hotmail.com

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

Blaow Blaow!!! Blaow Blaow!!! Clear em out clear 'em out!!! Word!

[Verse 1]
Yo Nelly! You ain't Fo'Reel and you ain't Universal
Your whole style sounds like a N'Sync commercial
Ignoramus, I'm the baddest with the mic apparatus
Challengin the God of rap is madness, I'll snatch your status
With this ugly lookin billboard you could stop them
But I got enough albums to make my own top ten
You limited, like the spread of traffic
You bite my style off the radio so when you speak you bet I hear the static
You better Chillout like Chuck, I kick like three Norrises
One of my sixteen bar rhymes is eight of your choruses
Of course it is ridiculous
Watch out, I begin to curve indispicuous
Gotcha! On your, hands and knees
Ain't it about time for some real emcees?

The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)
The real hip hop is ova (Here!!!!)

[Verse 2]
(Uh!) Uh! We on the hunt tonight
When you see me comin, I don't front I fight
People say I'm contradictin, cause I'm all about peace
To say the least with a violent history
It ain't no mystery these rappers wanna get with me
My people don't see that all they hear is stop hittin me, huh
Stop beatin me Chris, you want to help my career Nelly?
Well you can help if you don't exist, huh
I think it's 'bout time we stop these pop rappers
**** these pop rappers, hip hop does matter to me
Does it matter to you? My crew
If it does, you know what the hell to do
Throw your guns in the air, pump it like yeah
Let these bitch ass rappers know we in here
Go to the shows huh, boo 'em off stage
Tell 'em KRS told you they at the end of they days
Let me tell you let's give hip hop a lift
And don't buy Nelly's album on June twenty fifth
That'll send a message to all them sellouts
House nigga rapper, your bottom done fell out
You don't even know how
I told you I wasn't talkin about you then, but I'm talkin about you now!
Blaow! one to the kness, blaow one goes right through
Even St. Louis don't like you!!!!
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:roll: Thanx 4 posting that. What in Nelly's mind allows him 2 think he talk mess about anybody in the game, much less someone like KRS-One. He's gotta be one of the dumbest people with a label deal.
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[quote=Hero1,Jun 29 2004, 06:44 PM]fresh prince was in this classic battle with this other rapper from philly on lady b's radio show..of course fresh prince ripped him...[/quote]
You mean Steady B right?
I know that Will had a battle against Steady B back in 1988. And Fresh Prince ripped him of course. Are there any other battles from Will? :dunno: :poke:
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Word @ [i]Da brakes[/i] on almost everything he said about [i]Canibus and LL. LL[/i] did only have that one good line, but it really was great and still cracks me up today.
And how can you say [i]Canibus[/i] isn't a legend? Lyricly alot of people know he is one of the greatest, yes he doesn't make hits! But isn't it you who allways complains about pop rappers and such? its apperent sales don't mean talent.
I really don't know any MC thats a better lyricist then [i]Cani[/i].

BUT about [i]Clef[/i] yes alot of beats on the album [i]Can-I-bus[/i] were bad, but it also had some nice ones like: how we roll, whats going on, how come?, and n*gganometry, and I do think [i]Canibus[/i] should have just told clef he wanted other beats. (atleats on that album he din't just brag and boast but had some subjects.

And even tough Eminem made an entire record to dis him, [i]Can-I-Bitch[/i], In [i]curricilum 101[/i] Bus drops a few lines i find doper then Slim's entire record [i]"Whats the Mathers whit you?, I beat you black and blue, better yet I put a tatoo of me on you, plus a 10' by 10' " C" logo in neon blue" [/i] Edited by Daedalus Mortality
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Canibus' lyrics never really stuck me or my friends. In 1997/1998, we heard some of his stuff and it waz average 2 boring 4 us including "Second Round K.O." When we heard "The Ripper Stikes Back" nearly every other line left us laughing or reacting.
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Ok AJ, I just dont believe that you tought it was that good, really im sorry:

By the middle of March when the pregnancy starts
In your ladies' placenta that means L just entered
Duck taped your little bitch ass for frontin
You poor little crackhead ass ain't hurtin nuttin
Nigga you want the fame, now you're famous overnight
Famous for getting ****ed by a stick of dynamite
You're weak nigga, you bout to die up in your sleep
The overlord of rap will never meet defeat
Pain and agony, I don't touch them zones
****ing everlasting lyrical methods is my throne
Blast ya fifty pound ass and make you float
You read it shook nigga, I wrote the book, nigga
Held down my crown for a decade and a half
Now I'm bout to give your grimy ass a blood bath
Talk about bein broke, nigga I'm rich
Cause I learned, to seperated the money from the bitch
Don't hate me cause I'm paid, hate me because
I'm everything you want to be : handsome, young, plus legendary
Talk about Farrakhan, nigga you got to call Jesse Jackson
For some Affirmative Action

Chorus: repeat 4X

Can-I-Bus ! Yes you can!

Don't ever open your mouth and mention my seeds
Talk about my book you bought to read
You know you watch the sitcom nigga so stop that
Mad rapper, but now you turned mad actor
Forty-nine pounds and tryin to be a monster
Run around town with the Bob Marley imposters
Ask Canibus, he ain't understandin this
[b]Cause ninety-nine percent of his fans, don't exist[/b]
I'm goin underground and blowin your rep down
Next time, save that **** for the Lyricist's Lounge
Or a House Party, where you can battle some clown
On top of all that, I beat your homeless ass down
Heard that convicted rapist on the record too
Fresh out of jail, ass cheeks still black and blue
Tell me bout the things ear biter taught you
How to bust a nut or two? (Yeah that's butta boo)
You be decomposin, but you frozen because my title's stolen
Steady rollin in a world that I'm controllin
Vanguard awards are for Kings who get OFF!
Clock platinum mountains, the praise of the Lord
Talkin bout my first and second and third born
Now I got a fourth, Canibus, but he cut off
From the riches of my empire, I'm like a pimp
Who thought he had to retire but found a new Canibus to hire
You're hardcore, innocence like Heather Hunter
But definitely not with the lyrics that drop thunder
Found you in a trash can, hat black, cause you scared to bust
Nigga in Todd we trust


Now break it down for me !

See I, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, amateur, M,C's
in hip-hop, word up, no bull****
Oh I ain't done yet

You soft as a newborn baby takin a nap
Make my dick hard with that bitch ass track
Where you at? Smokin in some one room flat
Suckin on Clef's dick hopin to come back
Never that, nigga my size is unlimited
Yours is prohibited, of course that's contributed
To not knowin ya limits and who you need to test
When you step into the house of the Lord and get blessed
Get on your knees, bow down to my degrees
Young slacker, save that demo for Jack the Rapper
You gargoyle, slash olive oil, pussycat
I wrapped up in aluminum foil, ready to boil
I'ma tear the skin off ya ass with ten knuckles
Rhymes was weak, they made me chuckle like a name buckle
You call em lyrics, nigga you need to stop
You goin out --- ahh **** it, you goin pop
I feed you a poisonous verse so don't try it
No more rhymin, you on a lyric fast diet
Call the paramedic and tell them that he pathetic
His lyrics ain't energetic you're sweet as a diabetic
Career be over next year, yeah I said it
Look over your shoulder nigga, where you headed
MUTHA****A, where's a rhyme when you need it?
First rule of lyrical war, never repeat it
You said that same bull**** at House of Blues
Lit the pipe, dropped the match, and sparked the wrong fuse
That's you, yeah nigga I'm goin at you
Stop basin', and you can be a role model too
Diss my moms, who's the real Rap Don ?
Who ruled for fifteen years and drops bombs ?
Who's got solid gold Grammy's that say Todd ?
LL, when you drop verses the nigga's wrong
Faggot, you better battle number two
Cause number one, got his title locked down son
The King of all rappers that ever graced the stage
or the mic, best that ever did it I'm wicked
Write a verse and flip it, melt it down to liquid
And drown shorty, fill his lungs until I rip it
Chest busts open, heart bursts and smokin
YOU SEE THAT NIGGA SON? (Damn L, we was only jokin)
Maneuver manipulate brainwaves transform
your thought process, when my pen gets erect
Warning, all MC's better retreat
Look at corny-bus, he can't walk down his own street
Better run and get the Fugees
Cause I EAT, EAT, EAT, MC's
Devour they titles, cause I'm an idol slash icon
And tell Wyclef, don't even turn his ****in mic on
Sold ya nigga, thought I told ya nigga
Crossover, slam dunk, game over nigga (one more time son)
Sold ya nigga, thought I told ya nigga
Crossover, slam dunk, game over nigga


Ok, now you sellect all the lines you tought were funny (I allready slected the one I tought was dope)

Plus, the song doesnt even flow right, it sounds like a flow from a mid 80s song in a late 90's song. Edited by Daedalus Mortality
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