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Hey you guys! Okay on BET, a show called "25 Hottest people [in the last 25 years]" will be airing, and guess who is in it? That's right, none other than our favourite, Will Smith. I think they pick the 25 hottest people based on their personality, career, life, and of course, their looks. :dope: Some of the other people who will be in the show are: Omarion, Usher, T.I, and much more.

If anyone is interested, the show is on Thursday, August 23 on BET.

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Cool.... but TI? Omarion? If Lil Jon's in there, I'm not watching this...

Mamma NO!!!! :hail: PLZ DON'T SAY THAT. But thats cool that Will is on there. They usually skip him. Well I'll watch to see Will. I think he is hotter than Omarion and T.I any day

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Alrite ppl Here are the 25 hottest male in the last 25years! Sorry boys, no girls.. :ithinkimkanye:

I was really suprised, BET did a pretty good job..

25. R.Kelly [now im not sure about this one because I missed num.25 - I was upstairs....so correct me if im wrong!]

24. Omarion

23. Ice Cube

22. Nick Cannon [They said he deserves to be on this list because he hangs out with Will Smith. They say anyone that's friends with Will is cool :iagree: ]

21. T.I

20. Nelly

19. Omar.X [not sure how to spell his name... :sorry: ]

18. Andrei 3000 [outkast]

17. Tyson

16. Pharrell Williams

15. LL Cool J

14. Nas

13. Terrance Howard

12. 50cent :hmm:

11. Larenz Tate [ The co-star on Ashanti's "Rain on me" video]

10. Sean "P.Diddy" Combs..Now known as just "Diddy" :lolsign:

9. Boris Kodjoe [Cast member of BET's show, Soul Food]

8. Jay-Z

7. Jamie Foxx :dope:

6. Michael Jordan

5. 2pac

4. WILL SMITH :w00t: :hail::hail::hail::hail::hail:

3. Allen Iverson [sixers]

2. Denzel Washington

1. Usher Raymond [wow..Big suprise..]

I dunno about u guys, but I think overall, it's a pretty good list. Keep in mind that this is BET, therefore only black male celebs.

Two Things I disapprove:

[1] Kanye West isn't on this list?! He is a great rapper/producer. I think he should definately be on this list.

[2] Usher..number 1? Really?...

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