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will and new pics


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[quote=WildWildWillennium,Jun 16 2004, 11:07 AM]Wow, they're walkin around...haha. Man, I wouldn't like it if I waz just with my girl and cameras followed me everywhere...it must suck not 2 be able 2 get much privacy. :toetap:[/quote]
yeah how annoying must it be to be photographed while your eating, its no wonder celebs swing 4 the paparazi. sayin that i still like to look at the pics they take lol

thanks 4 the pics.
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Yes, Will smacked that fool and put him in his place. It happened back in 1995 during the Bad Boys era. I have the Inside Edition or Hard Copy feature on this event and it's hilarious. It waz a set up....one guy kept taking pictures and ignoring Will's nice requests to leave them alone and stop taking pictures...the other guy followed them from a distance video taping the whole thing trying 2 see what they could get. After the guy followed him 2 the car and kept taking pictures, Will smacked the guy upside the head...it's great. I could watch that thing looped for 3 hours....ha ha.

This didn't hurt Will's career at all and infact, most people don't even know about it. Of course if they did, they wouldn't blame him. As somebody who has seen the video, let me assure that Will should have beat the guy down minutes b4 he smacked him upside the head.
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i remember there was an interview with will when he was in australia around 97..and he was talking about it.. he said he just straight bitch slapped him for being a fool!! it was a very very funny interview :kekeke: :kekeke: :kekeke:
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