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Pics of Will and Jada!

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yeah Will does look a bit ruff, lol. But that's 4 his movie role in Pursuit Of Happiness as we all know. Jada's got the role down 4 a rocker chick. That's almost how my sister had her hair in the 80's.

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Damn you're so lucky, Mixmaster!

Anywho, I think someone needs to take a bath. Actually both of them! :lolsign:

By the way, did Will's hairline recede? :shakehead:

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the look is for the new upcoming movie persuit of happiness.

He's gonna play the role of a homeless men

dang i hope he starts to look better as the movie goes on. Me and the Lorrettas wont be happy otherwise lol. If he does any performances for ps hes gonna have to put a hat on and do something with that beard.

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