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Jada paper article

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i had a small debate with myself which section to put this in bcoz its Jada talking about madagascar BUt she mentions Will a lot and the "open marriage" thing again so i put it in here, plus u can play a game of spot the lost and found song title, theres 2 in the article. However it might just be me that found that amusing........ok so here is the article.


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Maybe they do have an open marriage. It is Hollywood after all. Who knows? :hmm:

dont ever say that, nothing in the world gets me angrier than that stupid rumour, i put them straight at the hitch premier and i can do it again. :rant:

Okay, I'm really sorry. It's just that the whole Jude Law, Sadie Frost and now Sienna Miller incident really got me thinking. Because Jude looks so innocent and like such a nice man, and when I read about the open marriage possibility, then his affair, you know the whole thing, it's just shocking. That's why the open marriage thing Will said surprised me now. My bad. :thumbsdown:

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Thank God that Will has Jada in his life, to clean up his messiness. LOL. j/kiddN. Not to sound rude, but I'm glad that Miss Jada stepped up to the plate and cleared this all up, cuz now alla those chiks with the big $$ signs in their eyeballz will know they can not and WILL not get to play with Jada's teddy bear.


Do ya thang Jada!!! :chuks: hahah :lolsign:



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Mr Nice Guy is the other song title, its on the part 2 part, near the end. Yep, MaxFly's explanation of what Will meant by "open" marriage seems much much much better. There is no way Will and Jada could have an open marriage! now WAY! :uhh:

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