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I can't see there being a problem

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This thread just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?  Just wait til Tell Me Why comes out!  Someone might get killed!! :lolsign:  :lolsign:

TELL ME WHY ~ u shot me gurL... I can ssee it now! lol

WEll, I gave my weapon away a coupla years ago..so don't count on me making those headlines. LOL



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Lol, too swamped at work to worry about it. I would still like it to come out sometime this year though... that would be nice. But hey, what can we do but wait. In the meantime, I have "Pon De Replay" to keep me somewhat "un-bored."

That last statement sounds so sad....

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I don't understand why they are taking so long to release, it is absolutely ridiculous, the earlier they release it, the better the album will do. I am with Maxfly on that one.

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sorry to bring this thread up again... but will only ended up selling 675K. it looks like alot of us had their expectations to high. is the album still gonna go plat? multi plat? is there a problem? can we keep milking switch? lol i find it kinda funny reading some people's post that say there was no problem and things were on schedule when i could see this comin (ok well i thought it would sell a little more than 675 but i wasnt sayin plat).

question: how much did L&F sell worldwide?

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