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"Pursuit of Happyness"


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The teaser trailer is online!!!

Watch it here: Teaser Trailer

Muccino Helming Will Smith's Happyness

Source: Production Weekly May 3, 2005

Italian helmer Gabriele Muccino has come aboard to direct Will Smith in Columbia Pictures' The Pursuit of Happyness. The project is based on the true-life rags-to-riches tale of investment banker Chris Gardner.

Gardner's story, which aired as a segment on ABC's 20/20 in January, has gained national attention and was hotly pursued by several Hollywood producers and studios. It is a real-life tale of survival over life's toughest challenges. After a chain of circumstances left Gardner jobless and homeless at age 30, he found himself and his baby son living in a bathroom at a San Francisco train station.

Despite the negative situation, Gardner continued to fight toward his goal of becoming a broker, eventually landing a job as a trainee and rising through the ranks at such companies as Dean Witter and Bear Stearns to his current standing -- partner and owner of the Chicago-based minority brokerage firm Gardner Rich & Co. and self-made millionaire.

Steve Conrad, who wrote The Weather Man, penned the film's script. The project will begin filming in the San Francisco area this August.

source: comingsoon.net

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  • 4 weeks later...

For once I would like to see a white girl perform will's lover or wife, gf whatever

I mean it's all nice with a black woman and all, but always isn't right

Well, this is based on a true story, so in real life Chris Gardner's wife is black.

I wasn't speaking for this movie, but in general.

BB1, I Robot, MIB all white females, but no romance

BB2, Enemy of the state, hitch, ali, , ID all non-white females and all romance

Coincedence ?

Why can't a black men have a romance on-screen with a white female ?

That's the reason i'm kinda pissed

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First, I think we need to worry more about Hollywood showing a black man having a real romantic relationship with a black woman before having a romance with a white woman is even considered. Yes Will has had black wives and girlfriends in movies but he has yet to do a movie in which his relationship with a black woman is the focal point of the movie not a sub-plot afterthought as seen in BB@, ID4, EoS.... I'm pissed about that.

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Does it really matter who will's wife. if she is white or black?

No, but obviously to hollywood or the audience it does matter,

otherwise how can you explain that will never had romance in his movies with a white female, I just feel it's a bit of racism

Also will had something to say about this 2, about interracial couples in movies

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Will Smith and Thandie Newton will star opposite each other in the new drama, “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

The movie is based upon the rags-to-riches story of Chris Gardner, who was once homeless and living in a Bay Area Rapid Transit station in Oakland, California.

Gardner’s life changed when he met a man driving a Ferrari that was looking for a parking space.

“I said, ‘You can have mine. But I gotta ask you two questions.’ The two questions were: What do you do? And how do you do that? Turns out this guy was a stockbroker and he was making $80,000 a month,” Gardner recounted.

Gardner started interning at various brokerages while he learned. In the process, he was arrested for failing to pay $1,200 in parking violations and his wife left him to car for their young song without her.

Gardner persevered through various hardships and finished the program. He ended up becoming a top producer for Bear, Stearns & Company, in San Francisco and New York and later successfully launched his own firm.

Newton has been tapped to play Smith’s estranged wife.

The movie is being produced by Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment. The movie is slated for a 2006 release.

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