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My radio station finally premiere Party Starter

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I don't know if it will get No. 1. I think it will face some stiff competition from the new Gwen Stafani single Cool.

Party Starter should certainly make the top 5, but I don't know if it will make No 1. Tell Me Why is the a likely No 1. hit though.

What will make or break Party Starter as a No 1 single will be how fast it climbs the charts. There is no doubt in my mind that Switch was a No 1. single, but unfortunetly its slower growth on radio kept it climbing and staying on top for a long time. As one radio station played the song out, another was just getting Switch started.

Either way I'll be happy. I'm just glad to hear Will on the radio again. :1-say-yes:

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This is really good news. It seems to be doing a good job climbing. I think it's about time we organize voting for the video on 106 & Park and TRL as well as radio stations and so forth. Lets make it our goal to have Party Starter be the number 1 song this summer. That would be a great accomplishment and right where Will deserves to be.

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