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Post your Party Starter Remix

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Tim & Wes, cool remixes.  Oh yeah, I made one too.  The beat and the rhyme actually match up, too -- for about two seconds, anyways.  Take THIS, Ludacris...


**NOTE: this was far more fun than it ever should have been  :wink:

^^ Can someone put this up as a direct link? Rapidshare doesn't work for me, and according to the posts, it's a funny remix that everyone likes... and I would definitely like to hear this!!

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Allright... here's my "entry"...

Party Starter w/ Look Into My Eyes

Have fun with it.


Can you upload the "look into my eyes" instrumental

I realy like taht song

great remix

one of the best party starter remixes

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Ok I made a remix. I made an "old school" remix of Party Starter. I made the beat myself using a program called Hip Hop eJay, and I think it turned out pretty well for my first attempt at a remix. So I hope you guys like it!

ok cool ,but where is it :shrug:

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