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ok, i've made another remix. i've really been inspired by scyhigh on this remix. i learned that unlike my last remix, i shouldn't choose just any beat, i should really put some time in and add a little personal flava to it. so that's what i did. i made my very own beat 4 the song, it's so original. u won't believe it when u hear it. at the end i also made sure to give a shout out to the pimptastic ford taurus for sponsoring me in releasing this song. check it out y'all, i call it the Party Starter (Best Ever Remix). give me some feedback!!


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THIS JUST IN: Idiocy is contagious. :pony: But I'm glad you enjoyed my little remix anyways.

Wes, Brakes, we clearly need to team up and form our own production company. I can put down the beats, Brakes, you can tear it up on the wheels of steal, and Wes can put on the finishing touches with his extrordinary beat-boxing skills. We can call ourselves "A Touch of Bull****" or something of that nature...

(Just givin the censor a little workout! :wiggle: )

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