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Rather not like Switch. While it's a good track, i'd still rank it below all the others on L&F (not counting the Remixes)...

Hopefully he drops at least 2 more singles off this album. He'll sell mad crazy by early next year.

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Definitely, any other possible singles are better than Switch and will only help album sales even more.

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I think lost and found can go platinum easily... Now party starter, then tell me why, and then lost&found.... I think double platinum!! Go WILL!!!!!!!!

If it gets consistent sales in the next 4 or 5 months of 20000 or more it'll go Platinum (at least)

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After nearly 2 decades in the music industry and still managing to come out with a platinum single and a gold reocrd, Will in my eyes has certainly attained the status of a living legend. :2thumbs:

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