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Who Is Better?

Who is the better rapper, Will Smith or LL Cool J?  

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  1. 1. Who is the better rapper, Will Smith or LL Cool J?

    • Will Smith
    • LL Cool J
    • Equal

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This Is a really old topic, but since it's back I have to say Will!

I like the old LL stuff but now he's just lost... (I just have to say "LL you need to stop lickin ya lips, you just look stupid!!!!!) :damnyou:

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Back in the day I think it would've been hard chosing who was the best.. but now that LL's albums have dropped off this much, now that he's doing songs and possibly an album with G-Unit, I'd say Will. Will's fallen off a bit too, but we all know what he's about.

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any falling off that Will did with B2R he regained with L&F, that was a damn good now that i go back and look at it. ive never liked LL that much. i love old skool hip-hop to death but some artists i just dont feel that much and LL is one of them. every once in a while i will pop in DEFinition, BAD (my fav), or All World, but its nothing that i listen to constantly. Will takes the cake easily.

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I doubt that LL's gonna do an album with G-Unit, they were only featured on a couple remixes and they're not really getting any airplay so I doubt LL's gonna do anything more with them since nobody cares about G-Unit anymore, if he does an album with G-Unit his career'll sink right with them, I think it'd be more interesting if he squashed beef with Canibus and did a collab with him than working with G-Unit again, to be real if you go ask most hip-hop fans they'd say LL's had a better career overall than Will but they might say that Will's better than LL now 'cause LL ain't as popular as he used to be since his albums sales keep going down album to album since "Mr. Smith" it seems, which I think is due to poor selection of singles, like I just don't get how he could choose to release "Freeze" over "We're Gonna Make It", but he's the only rapper from 1985 to still go at least gold like he did with his new "Todd Smith", Rev. Run and DMC can't anymore, Public Enemy can't, KRS can't, etc., only other rapper from that era that could is Will who did with "Lost and Found" which of course went platinum worldwide, for a while Will's sales been declining since "Big Willie Style" but now we're seeing Will's fanbase has increased from "Born To Reign" to "Lost and Found" when people thought his career was over and that he'd stick to acting, now if he's smart enough to release albums as much as LL does maybe people would start saying that he's had a better career than LL...

Will has more to prove than LL that's why he needs to remain hungry, if he keeps bringin' it like "Lost and Found" people will say that he's as great in rapping as he is in acting and he'll be on more people's top 10, I personally think they're both even still, hip-hop hall of famers, both had ups and downs, they both get hated on and loved at times since hip-hop fans seem to be having different opinions all the time about what's dope, there was times then and now that others have outsold them but these rappers have come and gone and continue to fade, G-Unit will be under the radar like Vanilla Ice in a few years, but through it all Will and LL are still around, Will probably receives less hate than LL at this point but there are times where LL gets more props than Will so it evens out, they're both survivors of the game and I think they both know what it takes to stay in the game

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LL is doing better thna Will right now. I mean, Todd Smith is doing better than Lost And Found did.

I'd say "Todd Smith"'s selling around the same pace that "Lost and Found" did last year right now but LL's gonna do a tour this summer so it'll probably hit platinum eventually

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According to LL's Def Jam site it's a US tour, I think it starts this week and ends in August

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