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Will performing in Scotland


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By Cameron Robertson

WILL Smith and Stevie Wonder will join the list of top names appearing at the Edinburgh concert.

Brad Pitt, George Clooney and John Travolta are also in talks about joining them at the July 6 extravaganza.

The five US stars will all appear on stage at the July 2 Philadelphia gig.

Virgin Airlines boss Richard Branson will lay on a jet to take them to Scotland, via London.

A Live 8 source said yesterday: "They all want to be part of the campaign to make poverty history. They realise they can make a difference.

"They know the public looks up to them and politicians listen to what they say."

Ocean's Twelve stars Brad and George have already appeared in ads for the Make Poverty History drive.

Sir Richard will also provide planes to take charity officials from Africa and London to Edinburgh and a Live 8 train between the English and Scottish capitals. He said: "I'm happy to be able to help a bit."

The Murrayfield show, hosted by comics Peter Kay and Lenny Henry, will also feature Dido, Annie Lennox, Travis, Wet Wet Wet, Texas, McFly and Ronan Keating.


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right, here's the info I've found out...

Tickets are only available to people who have 'won' them. To win them, you have to either send them a text message and hope they pick you, the same as they did for the Hyde Park gig. Or you can send them a postcard and hope they pick you, which actually works out a lot cheaper. I'm gonna send about 20 postcards and hope for the best!

Here's the site for more info on the tickets...


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Why are they going via london though.

probably because a flight from the US to the UK is long. and won't have enough feul or something and then Richard Branson is going to be in london anyway and a Jet is the quickest possible way to get to Scotland. i have family who live in Scotland but not Edinburough. Thats too far up north. but i know someone around there so ill tell them about it and they can see whats going on....

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