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Switch starting to drop in radio spins..

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for the first time in a long time Switch is starting to drop in the radio spins .. while its still go over 7000 for the week..it looks like its starting to go down.. so now is definitely the time to release party starter..while switch goes down..party starter can start to rise..and now that switch has been out for over 3 months..its time to get the ball rolling with party starter because it will take time to rise up the charts.... hopefully interscope have got it ready 4 release!

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It was 7100 yesterday and its a little over 7000 today. It hasn't dropped from last week, but next week it'll most likely drop.

They already have the video filmed, this is THE perfect time to release Party Starter. With the sales remaining perfectly steady, the NBA Finals Performance, the BET Awards, and the Live 8 Concert, Will MUST go platinum.

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its sad that switch is going down but yey now is the time for party starter. Im gonna join the rest of the ppl who say now is the time for a new single and now start to properly look out for the video.

Lol, welcome to the darkside.

There's still the chance that he may perform at least a part of Party Starter at the game on Thurdsay... and then there's the BET awards... we'll see...

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