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The whole concert from norway will be shown on:

Swedish Television: SVT 2 - Saturday @ 21.15 swedish time (one hour after UK)

Norway - NRK2 - 20.55 (?)

Little uncertain about the Norwegian tv-times.

Another thing, on the commercial it says Will is in the show, but there isn't anything about it on the 46664 arctic webpage. Anyone knows how it is on that?

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Well i checked DR and so...didn't find anything.

well well...off eating a polse.

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Dunno.. it says so on the commercial that runs on SVT, but it doesn't say on their website.

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What's to misunderstand..man

If u watch swedish television, you would have seen the commercial. it says what the concert's about, shows pictures from south africa...then it comes a "participants list" with everybody som razorlight to annie lennoxx to will smith included.

Search for 46664+will smith on google and you get even more info on him saying he would be on.

i gave up the show after a while.

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