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Next Single Confirmation?

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in the WS messageboard:

It has been released that party starter is going to be will's new single. Look for it too come out in June. This is great news. I hope party starter does even better than switch did. What do you people think about this choice.

i have no idea where this guy got his info from- but did anyone else hear confirmation that it will b PS and will drop in June? Im a little reluctant to believe some of those posts on the WS.com messageboard

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Lol, a lot of these things are circular, so it's quite likely that he got that info from here or some other forum. But there have been rumors about Party Starter being the next single... I'm not sure where this was confirmed, but we're now expecting Party Starter instead of Tell Me Why... should be an interesting summer.

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There'a a post up in here were we are talking about Party Starter being the new single! The post is cald: Must read...News! Or something like that! Let's just wait and see what will happen!

EDIT: I just went over there and this guy who made the post call Bigphill or something just said this! Some guy asked him where he got the info from and this was his answer!

"information is from the dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince web site. "

So, he knows just as much as we do! :lolsign:

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So guys, I think it's a good decision by Will that he releases Party Starter now. First I was against that but I changed my mind, I think it's the right choice because the time is right now. It's summer, so we need a second party track, then after the summer we need a slower track, a sad track it'll be because it'll be Tell Me Why! :dj:

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Yea. at first i wanted tell me why, but since the Summer it coming close, this is a better choice. Party starter + something else (If he wants) in the summer, and then Tell me why can drop around September/October.

party starter is probably the #1 song on the album that'll create mad hype. Remixes and all that of the track. Create awareness, it'll sell the album. Tell me Why will do better.

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Party Starter is definitely the best choice for the next single, it is a great party anthem and is just a summertime song. Tell Me Why should be released in September and it wouldn't hurt to release Lost and Found sometime, as well.

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very good idea


tell me why - september

pump ya brakes- november?

will and snoop in a video together would be awesome

Sounds good.

i agree with that

No.. Will, Snoop & Jeff in a video would be awesome


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