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soulmate or JJFP

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well my soulmate would have to understand my love for jjfp or they wouldnt really be my soulmate. JJFP is a hard thing to give up and i dont know if i could.

^^Totally agree with ya there! A soulmate wouldn't care what kind of music you liked. :peace:

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I would choose JJFP because I honestly don't think I am ever going to get married. I just don't think marriage is for me. I don't think I could ever stop listening to JJFP anyways. :jazzy:

If your soulmate said "me or JJFP." what would you do????!?!??!?!?!?!? :poke:

guess its JJFP then! LMBO :ali: Id say... "GET back boy!" rofl

I had a 3 ft black n white drawing of Will on my mantle for YEARS, and my x said Will gotta go, or he would...so I stashed Wills pic under my bed... (then I'd roll over and say g'nite 2 him every nite) :hilarious: j/kiddN...

but in the end...THAT sucka (the x) is gone, and Will's pic is still here... I gotta touch it up, then put it back on my mantle. If I woulda got rid of him in the first place, I woulda saved myself from tons of drama! AJ, Timboat yall know the how the riddle goes...

jack be nimble

jack be quick

Will's pic is still around

but I got rid of tha d*ck

LMAO :hilarious:

Iwander if anyone has a jpeg of that pic still...i sent it 2 a coupla fans..i dont have the jpeg. anymore ..please post it if anyone has it... thx....love.



I'd love to see that drawing of Will!! If you ever have time, take a picture of it so I can check it out :2thumbs:

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I'd love to see that drawing of Will!! If you ever have time, take a picture of it so I can check it out :2thumbs:

and I'd love 2 show it to u....but my digital camera is not working properly at the moment...

I posted it b4 on the old JJFP.com board.. and I think, willsmith.com at Sony... but those forums are archived or deleted now... if i get the chance, Ill definately post it 4 ya... :2thumbs:



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