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"don't phunk with my heart" from the black eyed peas. Cool song...

P.S:WITHOUT ANY INTEREST(you are informed):the black eyed peas made a TV show lately in France called "tout le monde en parle" (presented by Thierry Ardisson and a humorist called Laurent Baffie). And I don't know if you know but Apl de Ap has or had -don't remember exactly- eyes problems and the funny thing is L.Baffie managed to make him believe during a few seconds that he (Apl de Ap) was wearing a blue pullover. It was green in reality... Very funny moment...

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BLACK EYED PEAS - Don't Phunk Wit My Heart

Their style my not be as dope as it waz when they 1st came out...but they are definitly trend setting original talents in Hip-Hop. I can't wait 2 pick up the new album. They just rocked it on The Late Show with David Letterman.

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