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The Second Single

What would you release as the second single?  

61 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you release as the second single?

    • Party Starter
    • Tell Me Why
    • I Wish I Made That/Swagga
    • Lost & Found

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Hold up one second. The vote will help determine which song will be the second release? Am I the only one who gets slightly nervous with letting Lorettaville have a say in the second single?

:hilarious: :hilarious: if those votes actually determined the second single id be worried..but i very much doubt that :grin:

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I'm kinda leaning towards Tell Me Why, I wouldn't want Will to be critisised for leaving it for the 3rd single, which might get released around September time... as AJ says he will definitiely release that song sometime tho. I'd love for Lost & Found to be released sometime as well :thumb:

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i'm having trouble deciding coz i wanna vote for I Wish I Made that but i think that i'll be doing it just coz it's my fave song on the album, rather than thinking of what would be best to release as a single, if ya know what i mean....

...anywayz i'm gonna think about it and vote later.

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i voted tell me why. Will needs to show every1 that his stuff isnt "weak" and all fun and party tracks. I would like to see all of the songs in the poll released at some point but im most looking forward to tell me why. That song is gonna change so many peoples opinions on Will.

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If Tell Me Why isn't released then I actually think they should go with Pump Ya Brakes.

Don't quite know about pump your breaks... Party Starter seems to be an infinitely better track...

Both of them are great and would be great as the second single but only if not Tell Me Why! And I think it should be Tell Me Why and nothing else than this!!! :wiggle:

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