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who the hell pkey? hes singing in the wrong key

ur just like a bee, i let u sting once but then u die

hear me straight? u gotta get drugs and get high

aint the way i roll, homie pay this toll, nuttin else

ur health is in danger, i would also say ya wealth

but i aint got none, im shootin wit no gun, jus for fun

u gonna scrap your jordans, why thats stupid?

someone shot u in the head, opps it was cupid

he missed his shot, he thought u was hot, i geuss not

he thought u beat the lot, i bet ur "Lorreta"

writing a love letter but realised it couldnt get any better

schnazz comin out of no where wit a few lines

i cant diss him though, ive only read one of his rhymes

u wouldnt meet me in the battle coz tim beat me

i thought i coulda won, then again u must have to treat me

ya'll correct u cant even compare to my lyrical stride

i will never hide my pride coz no ones at my side

ya'll funny trying to compare to me, its deverstating

never hating always debating, but im just pationely waitin

for that throne to come home once again on the phone

but when i rap this out best believe imma breath lower my tone....

so too all ya'll whack MC's i swing like a butterfly sting like a be

ya'll know u can never compare to me........

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Whoo-hoo, more people. :dancingcool: Now it's my turn:

Lyrical madness upto its worst,

Yet dude called Pkey wants to put me in a hearse,

Pretending his spits are like a bunch of knives,

Dude's a ho from Desperate Housewives,

Ain't gonna diss Schnazz, I like him though

But gonna be Kane and chokeslam this fool J-O-E,

Patiently waiting to be destroyed by the Brace,

Trying to be 50 yet falls short to Mase,

Weak thought I'd break, but succeeded like Whitney's marriage,

Instead dude turned out like Nicole Kidman's miscarriage.

You is trying to be Pfeiffer, but we know you're a Berry,

Gonna get into the Bat-suit and go after Michelle's cherry,

Stepping in the court, pretending to be Kournikova,

2 sets up, and I roar like the champion Serena,

Fool wants to rob me, yet running out of gas,

Better get going, cus you gotta shampoo your hairy a**.


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why would i try and be 50 cent

that ass would get me a chocolate bar then spent

all the money down the drain, man u kno my name

puttin u do shame coz its all the same, pure lame

if u dream u can beat me better wake up

other wise we gon have to get jigga and kelly to break up

when this rap game crosses its a reality

but if u try and diss me well thats a technicality

man u gotta think of something new, orginality

flow and the pure skill to be this real,

i knew i had to deal but i just couldnt feel

what u were trying to diss me as? rat mas taz

as triphle h says im the game, i dont care bout fame

i rule this world its my from the begining

i was here when it started, when all the sinning

i aint gonna stop rappin, i really love it

so why doesnt the law apply to u? u above it?

see ur cool wit ur smart punch lines and cool gags

but i aint got time for u or ur crew full of fags

and im now a women tennis player u jackass

im wreckless, shall i diss u back, i might just pass

u look on tv and what u see? that politcion

so the information for the nation, money for education

which clearly u didnt get ur head around

but now ya moma ya sister and ya girl get my bed around.... :hilarious:

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as triphle h says im the game, i dont care bout fame

but now ya moma ya sister and ya girl get my bed around.... :hilarious:

First, DAMN!!!! :thumb: Second, WHAT?????? :slap: Anyways, here's mine,

So you're 'that damn good' like the almighty Hunter?

Can't even lift a sledge-hammer, you is just a blunder,

Rhymes gonna explode cause I'm going nuclear,

Faster than Goldberg and hit you with a spear

Originality is my middle name, just ask your girl,

Performance level unlike any other, got her toes to curl.

Lyrical police gonna confiscate your weak spit pen,

Cause you're the rap equivalent of J-Lo's ex Ben,

Carnage and destruction I attack like Venom,

Crush you like a 'Spider' and dry you of your serum.

Looks like the third installment to Ash and Mary,

Your spits anorexic, so confirms Uncle Jesse,

Rhymes so confusing, like a speech from John Kerry,

It's just a cat and mouse game, I'm Tom and you're Jerry.

Chopped your genitals and hanged it like a bell,

Your dad got aroused and thought it was swell.


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How many dumb rhymes can y'all spitt

2 page thread and still posting stupid ****

Didn't pass the first round, CataB so called "killed" me

Cuss bagotrasho and all his usernames voted against me

Bracesup, talent ya lack, your rhymes sounding wack

After I attack, you don't have to come back

You won't kill JOE, you no good at that

1 thing tho, he might laugh himself to dead

Yo, I ain't the one you gotta try to rhyme after

Put you on a stage, all we would hear is laughter

All that **** talk about parents, get ya mind right

For 2 dollars I have your mum spending the night

I'm your biggest problem, sicker then AIDS

Tell me, how are you getting girls with that face

Pimples are so out these days, anyways

People like you seem to attract gays

If you ask me, creativity ain't in your dictionary

Originality your middle name? Oh on the contrary

I let JOE finish you off, I just gave him the cross

Let it be known, fan 4ever is boss

Edited by fan 4ever
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once upon a time there was a dude named pkey

he vowed to battled anyone that standed against he

but no one stepped up, until me, so what u wanna do

eat dirt, or eat full of **** chunks in beef stew

im not one to be messed wit, you'll figure that out

bracesup, i put yo braces down which means no teeth in yo mouth

J-O-E my old homie so he know how i get down

my rhymes just got harder, so fan4ever sit yo ass down

cuz im knockin fools out like one hitter quitter

when i come around yall aint players, yall some horny baby sitters

i love to battle and battle loves to battle me

if it doesnt make sense to you then step up and battle me

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honeslty i cant be bothered to carry this on.....its gonna keep going on and on.....u agree?

9 spits up, and I'm losing my mind,

It's harder than I thought, I ain't one of a kind,

Coming up with rhymes is making me hallucinate,

I can't even remember when was my last date,

Looks like a draw, ain't it J-O-E

No longer can 619 like Mysterio,

Some of the guys may wanna beg to differ,

Going from panty dropper to panty sniffer,

I'm becoming like Bret Hart and Kevin Nash,

Growing too old to come up with a bash!

Maybe this it, time to hang up the mic,

Let 4ever and Jiggy ride the bike,

Exams in one month, so I gotta study,

I had a good time, now J-O-E is my buddy,

Planning on retirement isn't gonna be easy,

But I'll always be remembered as one of the BIG G!


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