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Okay, maybe I'll put something up, so here goes-

So this is it, the ultimate spit fight fire,

Exploding in your face like Tommy with desire,

You thought you were getting the V - I - C - E,

Turned out to be the reigning Big Fresh Willie,

Im gonna jack you up like a 10 foot cobra,

Whilst u worried 'bout getting grounded by yo Momma,

Your spits are just like your freaky fantasy,

Thinking about Arnie in a lacy lingerie,

But you're just too dumb to get it,

Figured you'd try too hard and exit :hilarious:


Don't even bother coming out with a rhyme,

Yeah you're better off working as a mime,

Cause when the braces start to go up,

It's like your girlie against Pams' double-d cup,

Time for me to head for the other direction,

Cause Hero's gonna lead me to the Potnas section.


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why ur going in loads of directions

im slowley movin up in different sections

get it right coz this rap thing ur trying

ur lying u shud quit before u start dying

u do what u do but make sure it dont backfire on u

can u respond to this if u had the flu

i wasnt gettin no v-i-c-e

ya'll know me the come-dy J-o-e

a few months ago i woulda cussed and dust

but now im battlin back and never kickin up a fust

what u gon do when they come 4 u?

when the rap crew grab the mics and come thru

im jus sayin coz i wana say it

nuttin else i wana do but pray it

but homie please u gotta on ya knees

and ask the lord to give u cheese

coz u aint gonna get it rappin

when u perform homie it aint happenin

who wants to see arnie in lingerie

even his wife dont, he'll have to pay

Bracesup ur now braces down

as i close this battle ur 6ft underground

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Hey J-O-E, I really like that. It was hot. :thumb: Anyways, let me go now.

Round 1, and I put the J-O-E in the mix,

Dude was like Eleckra and I was the Matrix,

What now? Already scared and ready to pee

Thought so, cus you ain’t got no chance against me.

Better be prepared to lose to the Master,

Prolly like Richard Simmons going into the Contender,

Picking up your pieces would be your boyfriend,

I knew all along that you tend to bend.

Last time I checked, all you wanted was a pacifier,

Don’t worry, Vin Diesel’s still available for you to hire.

Wait a sec, you still here to get bit at spit?

Your efforts go wasted cuz I am like Will Smith,

Gonna be Mike Lowrey than be sweet Hitch,

Toxic like an ivy and make you go itch,

So this is it, sis, I’m done with you, miss.

Worse than what Rick did to that ho Paris.


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thats funny because your gettin more whack

each rhyme, i dont even have to respond to jack

its useless coz its like ur in the matrix

mixed in with the hatred, completely fated

but stick ya head up man its not over yet

its over as soon as the ref says ready get set

here we go the disses go on and on

and i just keep writing songs and songs

cant help it if im the greatest rapper uve seen

ur rhymes are more anoyin than a crack fiend

u done with me homie im hittin the KO punch

if u had it your way, u would munch ya lunch

but i dont see what your complain, its hot not rainin

so put this rhyme back on again and again a

single verse with no curse, knickin ya purse

with no intentions of lettin u live, but in a hearse

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You is just a test subject for me to rip at,

But this ain't no weapon X, you're just a pussycat.

Thought I'd get the freaky mutie Logan,

Instead I got the hasbeen called Hogan,

Already can sense that you have totally fallen,

Chew you up like a lion back in my spit den,

Stomping a mudhole like Austin with a beer,

Get the point, so start trembling with fear,

Is J-O-E the greatest rapper that I've seen?

C'mon now, could get better rhymes from Mr. Bean

You’re like Bruce without that skank Demi,

I’m like Aaron banging both Hil and Lindsay

My spit’s gonna take you out from here to section Potna

Just like Angelina dumped that old dude from Bad Santa

Virus spreading thru the net is who I am,

Gonna make you look like Sean from I am Sam.


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Nice Rhyme...

my words stab u just like a sword

ur only dissin me coz ur so bored

u have no life, nuttin to do

so what am i gon do? spit at u

homie ill sh!t on u and thats it

dont think imma forfiet, u betta quit

say it before i make u

dont think i would break u

u comparin me to loads of stuff

u cant beat me that easily, im tough

lets compare u to vanilla ice

then just maybe u were gettin the vice

u diss me i diss u back

u think im whack u say jack

im layin flat down on the mat for a pin

wana roll with me, down this gin

do what i do just to get that r-e-s-p-e-c-t

and maybe i can give u that crediblility

but its the productivity in math

uve seen me before though, feel my rath

ive been here from the start to the end

seen different friends, drivin in them coupe benz

but i aint bothered coz they made it

they played the game l and then paid it

jus coz ur not on the same level as me

dont think u can insult me and get away with it easily

please me....come homie freeze me

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Holy crap. That was hard, man. :werd: I really had to think long to come up with this. So here goes nothing:

Round 2, annoyed J-O-E and got him frustrated,

I am the greatest, hence I'm the most hated,

This ain't even a competition, so lemme show you the way,

It's like a fashion week, you is Stella and I am Versace.

Slit your spit like mad suicidal,

You're just an amateur from American Idol,

Slipping and tripping like the Prince and Camilla,

Yet trying to be Fresh and going after Jada,

Why you be messing with the evil icon?

As well get yourself some soft silicon.

Don’t cry honey. Go run to your mom,

While I’m Cruising with women like Collateral Tom,

Spitting verses for you is Mission Impossible,

Better off winning races while being a cripple,

Always can rub lanterns and ask for a Genie

3 wishes up and you still couldn't beat me.


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now let me say theres a method to my madness

but i also believe theres a method to your sadness

im the general in the so called war, ive seen it before

MC's try and out rap me but then get trapped with a whore

sad to see that your thinking really hard to beat me

homie it takes me two minutes to write, its so easily

done just for fun never got a gun, so who's one?

diss me about nefin my looks, coz i wiegh a ton?

go on laugh at me, pity me, its not gonna work

coz u comparin to an evil icon, yeh ur a jerk

i dont care what i say coz in a few years ill start my sitcom

dont get it twisted, u trying to beat me u kno where im from

ill openely say it whenever and wherever, it doesnt matter

coz ive been up and down, side to side homie i can batter

but i can take a batterin, ur speakin a different langauge to me

coz when im rappin i make it happin about to make me

scrappin homie nuttin more than losin battles then win

drinkin gin gettin faded, u aint hated, u aint commited a sin

the lord say love thy neighbour but what if he hates

everything u do coz u gettin cheese beggin please, its fate

homie no need to debate, i aint cryin to my mum

u takin it to serouisly, im strickly doin this for fun

i aint bothered what u say anyway, anyday come on face to face

ur gonna be lucky if we never meet in the same place

so who's hard enough drinking shots of hennesy

or any whiskey coz imma ride on all my enemies,

Edited by J-o-e
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Now here's my turn:

Its Spitmania 21 and I'm the lyrical Undertaker,

Tombstone yo a** and send you to your Holy maker,

We know you 'bruise easily' like Natasha Bedingfield,

And my verse is like a spear, so get ready to be killed,

Trying to be tough and coming at me like Deadpool,

3 Spit-Claws are out, and you're gonna be a dead fool,

Ridin on your enemies like Pac, you declare,

The only riding is on your boyfirend, you freakin gay.

This gives me an idea about your weak sitcom,

Involves a camera, with you lying in a dorm.

An all out war now, cuz I am a pirate,

Curse you like the Blackpearl, and make you go irate,

Defending your weakness for being all 'bout fun,

My lyrical attacks are like a substitute for a gun,

So better think thrice before you respond to me, son,

Insults gonna fly, and you'd decide to be a nun.


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haha hilarouis bracesup

what the hell is spitmaniau gon crazy

just like eminem wen he realised he had a baby

u kno u "gotta get thru this" just like her brother

but at the end of the day ur her mother

a grandma of rap its really attackin me

a post ago u were backin me?

ur like MC hammer when ur cheque bounces

ur an antolope and im the lion who pounces

i can diss u wit words but easier with verbs

growin up livin it up givin it up to the herbs

dont get me wrong, u sick u wearin a thong

its like sisquo's song but u spit for too long

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ur like MC hammer when ur cheque bounces

ur an antolope and im the lion who pounces

:hilarious: So here goes verse 6

Stop! Stand back. Look around you, J-O-E.

The people have decided that you're just a no show,

Seriously messing up rhymes up until Round five,

Reminds me of Ashley Simpson in Saturday Night Live,

Comparing my rhymes with Slim is a travesty,

Cause I'm the Tomb Raider and he's just an average Buffy,

Exploring the darkest corners of rap is my main game,

You could even consider Pac as my real name,

Testing your abilty is just like a smooth ride,

It's like Kylie in my bedroom, making her 'Confide'.

I got spits like Bane who broke the Dark Knight.

One sucker punch, and you is like Clooney from Out Of Sight,

I am the Predator and will cut your head for a trophy,

Churn up your brains and drink it like a mug of coffee,

I'm more dangerous than the H.I.V, learn and realise,

Can hide in a condom, but you still can't be sterilised,


Edited by Bracesup
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you know that was really funny

especailly when i rob all ya money

ill give u the keys of my car and call the cops

coz ur not eminem but worse u get 1 shot

try and survive ur the person in "Alive"

ur so dumb u cant even do a high five

u go to jump and then miss

im laughin at u so much its makin me piss :kekeke:

ur dr evil and im austin powers

we should stop battlin, we'll be here for hours

i could never consider u as the next 2pac

ur so fat ur beer belly gonna get bigger with that 6pack

lets face it, imma erase it and place it

but u hate me coz imma make it

and i hate u coz u gonna break it

the rap games fallin to peices just like the earth

the world was shook when ya mum had a birth

im explorin the rap game, runnin circles around u

imma better sound than u. im just poundin u

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You made a mistake and now you gon end up in a hearse

askin for somone to battle you now you gon get tha worse

Um a demolition man and um here to demolish my foes backslap you like a pimp treat you like one of my ho-s

You tha bottom of tha barrel and um gon treat you like scum

Scrape you from tha bottom of my jordan just for fun

This is just tha beginning i aint even started tha roast

Um a fire breathing dragon and you bout to be toast

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Holy s--t, ya'll are funny as hell

Spitten round after round, ignoren the bell

Ya'll some clever folks, that's for damn sure

I'm glad I didn't meet ya in a battle dejure

I couldn't match ya'lls lyrical stride

So I'm just watch the fun from the side

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