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I think there's always gonna be people that look at Will from that viewpoint, so it's nice to read a review done by one of them. At least that guy does actually seem to know what he's talking about, even if he doesn't have the same opinions as most of us... thanks for posting this :thumb:

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alright I'm about to go off, sorta

let's start off about what is WRONG with this review. the person who wrote this was jason chu. this is probally one of those rich chinese kids (I know these posers) they spend all their money on clothing and live in carlton neighborhoods adn try to be gangsta, give me credit I'm white(half italian quarter native amercan and quarter french canadian) but at least I live in a neighborhood with street MCs and I just don't listen to the guys who give the hits! (jay z, eminem (who isn't underground at all) I listen to the guys that rap on the street corners doing real freestyles and I once met one street MC and he wanted to listen to my CD player I had He's the DJ I'm the rapper in it and he did a kick-ass freestyle to the parents just don't understand beat. It is true that most street guys actually love JJFP and will smith. but let me get back on track second it is from yale a rich boy school. I have no problem with a kid who is rich knowing rap but you have to know the street MCs and know what rap really is and it is making up stuff and learning from the guys who came before you and those who made it big.

if anyone actually read this ummmm thanks.

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i think its a fair review, he gave quite a few good facts. i think Will being a big movie star didn't help his music. He returned to hip hop when it turned bling bling and commercial (thanks to puffy and the shiny suit era).

if he did real hip hop music at the time he wouldn't sell and people were gonna say, "wow he sells movies, but he can't sell his music. how whack is that?" but on the long run, he's seen it didn't pay off and columbia dropped him and came up with a 'real' album, l & f.

real hip hop don't sell. the old hip hoppers; rakim, kane, g rap, ll cool j, etc hardly went platinum and some of them don't now. with commercial hip hop on scene; 50, eminem, aftermath/shady etc, there's no way will stands a chance. but overall, i'm happy he made an album that was 'him' and not about movies or commercialism.

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